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AP college football writer expects Cards to “pour it on” against Cats

AP College Football Writer Ralph Russo makes weekly college football predictions. Check out his main event and then his BEST BET.

No. 1 Alabama (minus 7 1/2) at No. 6 Texas A&M
Tide won’t stop Johnny Football, but A&M won’t stop Tide … ALABAMA 42-31.

No. 7 Louisville (minus 14) at Kentucky
Teddy Bridgewater and Co. pour it on against rival Wildcats … 45-17.

Do you agree? Do you believe Cards will pour in on by that much … or more?

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  1. Randy Scholtz

    Obviously, the CATS took a big stride in week # 2. They would need to make another big stride in week # 3 to ‘hang’ with the Cards. In my humble opinion, the only way the CATS can stay close or have any chance to win will be by keeping their offense on the field….keep the ball away from the Card’s offense! When the dust settles the score will be 42 – 24….GO CATS!!!

  2. AndyP

    This game is a great opportunity for the Cats. We’ve got nothing to lose because no on in the football world thinks we have a chance against UofL.

    Just think how sweet it would be to kick the Dirty Red Chickens back to Louisville.

  3. Katdaddy

    We should just forfeit to save the impending embarrassment. ;-)

  4. Old Cat

    Oh ye of little faith.

    1. Katdaddy

      The 72 Dolphins, 85 Bears, etc couldn’t compete against this juggernaut. But I will still be there supporting my CATS! (BTW I live in Louisville and have to hear this crap daily from their fans and the media alike)

      1. mallen

        end your suffering and just move to lexington

  5. Love SEC F-Ball

    It would be interesting to see how many times the underdog has won since the series was resumed in 1994. My prediction this year – U.K. 38 – U.L. 35!

  6. steve from Dayton -- UKFBFAN

    Before the season I wished for entertaining football showing us the promise of future improvements. Win the game against Louisville? a huge bonus.

    I expect we will see a good game in which Louisville knows it has been in a contest.

  7. RJ

    We’re leaving shortly for Lexington. Be there will Bells on. I take that back, security will probably not let me in with Bells on. Oh well, it’s the times we live in.

    As long as the Cats play as hard as they are capable of playing, I’ll be satisfied and I’ll keep supporting them. Winning would be a big, big bonus.

    1. larryvaught

      Wow RJ. You are getting an early start

  8. Jinx

    I commend all UK fans for supporting our Cats, whether it is by being optimistic about the upcoming game or by attending it or both. However, U of L is going to have some extremely talented players on both sides of the line, certainly far better than anything we have thus far seen and 87 yard touchdown passes and near shutout games are dreams that won’t be fulfilled in this game.

    This is likely the best U of L team ever and I fear they’ll play up to their potential. Anything less than three touchdowns would mean a job well done by the coaches & players.

    Go Cats!!!

  9. Jim Harris

    I hate it, but the guy is right. The Cards coach is a gentleman but needs to win by a “comfortable” margin. Teddy will have his way with us. The Cards are good. UK isn’t—yet.

  10. Larry Pup

    It ain’t over until it’s over. The Cats will find a way. The ghost of Stevie Johnson will crush the Card’s hope once again at Commonwealth Stadium in the manifestation of a Alex Montgomery, or a J. Blue, or a Raymond Sanders. They will only have 11 on the field just like UK the way I see it. Some of you amaze me. Yeah, they have a good team, Louisvile does. But why write the Cats off before the game is even played. I know how that must make our players feel. If UK gets the victory, I will be responding to some quotes I have read here tonight. GO CATS!!!!

    1. Rick

      I like the positive attitude, anything can happen. You have to believe!!! Go Cats.

  11. UKFMLY

    As much as I hate it this on could be a laugher. I usually predict an upset when they are the favorite in this game but I just can’t. I told my friends if they just beat us by the spread we will have won the game.

  12. Love SEC F-Ball

    We expect our players to perform to the best of their ability yet we tell them that they do not have a chance? I am realistic enough to know where we stand on paper. However I will be in the stands supporting our team and hoping that our players give their BEST EFFORT. Could that result in a win? I think so.

    Fans need to give their best effort as well.
    U.K. 38 – Birds 35

  13. Katdaddy

    If one of our backs rushes for 100+ (Sanders) then we are in this game if not win it. If ul can’t blow a team out they struggle. I love all the hype they are getting. Some clown in the media actually said that ul’s receivers are better than the New Eng Patriots receivers. That is the level of delusion here.

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