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Answers.com puts John Calipari, Rick Pitino 1-2 on list of most classless college basketball coaches


It’s not unusual for critics to take shots at Kentucky coach John Calipari. I’ve even been known to question some of his decisions.

But answers.com — I have to admit I had never heard of the website — went a bit far by picking Calipari No. 1 on its list of most classless college basketball coaches.

The website posted this: “Who likes John Calipari? Pretty much only Kentucky fans. Coach Cal can coach and recruit, but he has questionable integrity. Calipari’s shady recruiting tactics are one thing. His constant feuds with opposing coaches (what’s up John Chaney?) are another. Calipari likes to tiptoe the legal line when it comes to recruiting.”

One, how old is the news with Chaney? Two, don’t most coaches tiptoe the legal line in recruiting but has Calipari been found guilty of NCAA violations himself? No. And I am guessing many Kentucky fans love his integrity and fundraising projects he’s done at UK.

But the website came with Louisville coach Rick Pitino at No. 2 and wrote:

“Rick Pitino did a heck of a job at Kentucky, leading the Wildcats to a 1996 national championship. A year later, he bolted for the Boston Celtics and found out Larry Bird wasn’t going to be “walking through those doors. So he came back to college and took a job with Kentucky’s hated rival – Louisville. Harsh. Oh, and let’s not forget Rick being an alleged adulterer…”

Numbers 3-10 are Bruce Pearl, Steve Alford, Bob Huggins, Frank Martin, Tim Floyd,  Steve Fisher, Frank Haith and Dave Bliss.

So let me know what you think of his list?


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  1. Linda

    I wish I had the money to buy/set up a website and dispute all this rubbish. I agree with little slick quick rick being classless, but not Cal.

  2. Larry Pup

    IMO, Answers.com is not worth reading or listening too. They are pure BS, and don’t deserve the time it took you to write this article Larry V. They, Answers.com,, are the ones who are short on class.

  3. paul

    LP, I agree.
    Cal takes such a bad rap – – especially considering what a good Catholic and clean liver that he is.
    If people would sit back and think a moment they would realize he can’t cheat. Every eye from NC2A to opposing coaches are on him 24/7. Plus UK hired an extra person for Sandy Bell when he came on board so there would be another compliance check and balance.
    Net/net – – it’s just jealousy.

    He should unleash his daughter on the nay-sayers and media – – he took her off social media when she started defending her Pop. My kind of daughter !!!!!!!!!

  4. Gary

    As Cal said in his book, he is known as a coach who wears the black hat, not the white one regardless of what he does or doesn’t do. As noted in the article that only UK fans like him is OK with me. This way we can keep him as our coach.

  5. Ben

    I thought the same thing about Cal, before he came to KY! I believed what the media printed about him. Boy was I wrong! He is a great coach who cares about his players and the fans. There is no way he does anything shady, because the camera’s are always on him. I have never witnessed a more loving or caring man that is truly honest. Eat your heart out other teams, because he is ours and we do not care what you say about him, because we know it is not true.

  6. Judi Cole

    Ben, you hit the nail on the head with your statements! Love Cal and hope we have him for years to come!

  7. PHIL

    Ye Ole butt hurt is strong…Cal is simply eating them alive!

  8. AndyP

    They got Pitino right, but missed Cal by a mile. Their comments about Cal reek of lazy research because they took the standard party line that so many in the national media trot out without a clue of the true character of Cal.

  9. grant

    Heres my 2 cents. If they cheat they cheat. Or if they don’t they don’t. But lets be fair. The media bias for coach k is sickening to me. I heard a gentlemen on the radio in chicago of how when he used to write for Duke’s school newspaper of how the real Coach K really is at practice and in real life . He told of a basketball player who was actually there for academics at Duke and basketball second, Coach K threw a fit because he was spending to much time with studying and applying himself to school work instead of any extra time in the gym. But stories like that are rare or quashed.. And he also went on to tell of how Coach K is really a bitter person in real life and that the language and actions at practice are unreal from him. That being said , the apple does not fall far from the coaching tree..

  10. dandr

    Biased for sure. Critics refused to read anything positive about Cal, and only read the fungal diatribes of unproven, or even made up, allegations against him. I had a perfect example as one of my buddies here in Arkansas alleged academic fraud at UK. I asked him what his source was and all he said was “everybody knows it”. I provided him the last 4 years of academic achievement of the BBall team, with 3+ GPAs. He wouldn’t read it. Haters hate and they hate to be proven wrong so they close their senses to the truth.

  11. ruppsrunt

    What a crock of malarky. So, why is it necessary to provide commentary from such trash?

    Seems some seek any and all negative commentary about Cal. Where was such digging for such info when the teflon one was wasting time and eroding the UK record?

    Since this tripe is deemed worthy of “reporting”, why are all the rules breaking, cheating, bogus classes, altered grades, and outright pathetic cover-up by unccheaters NOT deemed worthy of a single peep?

    Even the national hacks, cnn, and gubment are questioning the goings on for DECADES at unccheater U. Why nary a word by the locaL crowd of teflon worshipers about real cheating and pretend for decades, going back to deano the cheat? Are we to believe a piece of trash like the article used for this discussion is more worthy of media coverage than what has been going on at unccheater U?

    Someone explain how the unccheater story is “off limits” to the local bunch of media—but a trash article about Cal is pounced on and repeated?

    Makes a real UK supporter wonder doesn’t it?


  12. King Ghidora

    They list Cal and RP as the top two and don’t mention Roy “Droopy Dog” Williams at all (look at their photos – they could be twins). That tells you all you need to know. Never mind that K played 2 ineligible players and got by with it. That doesn’t matter. Never mind that he covered for a player who should have been ejected for stomping on an opposing player. No. These guys are blinded by all that Tobacco Rd. dust in their eyes.

    CBS labelled Cal as the dirtiest coach in college basketball too. But they have never let out a peep about the UNC scandal, which BTW is alive and kicking once again. They have a principal participant in the scandal talking now. He was about to get hammered for taking money under false pretenses (for teaching a class that wasn’t a class) when he decided it would be best to talk instead. Expect the hammer to come down on them this time. There are politicians involved in this including the governor of NC. The NCAA is losing it’s grip with the threat of the major conferences taking their ball and going home. People are dead tired of their cheating. And they are tied of the lackeys in the press giving them cover for their lies too

    I may yet live to see revenge for all the years of bull the NCAA and the media has put UK through. My earliest memories of college basketball included interviews with Rupp where he talked about the dirty teams in college ball and how they would cheat you like crazy and the press would cover for them along with the NCAA. Cal has thumbed his nose at them too. But now everyone is on to their shenanigans after the endless list of scandals in recent years. UNC was the one that broke the camel’s back. The football team got sanctioned but not the basketball team and they were both involved in the same scandal. That has pretty much everyone scratching their heads including some of those same CBS clowns that labelled Cal as the top cheater in college ball. I won’t hold my breath waiting on a similar story about Droopy Dog Williams though. They can’t admit they were that wrong. But they were.

    BTW if you want to see the resemblance between Roy and Droopy Dog check out this link:


    1. King Ghidora

      Just as an update there is more news on the UNC scandal today. McCants isn’t needed by the NCAA apparently. Why would they talk to someone who claims he was given all sorts of perks that violate the NCAA by laws? He surely has nothing to contribute. The guy might be desperate according to what he said in this article but something is certainly fishy and they absolutely should talk to him. But they do have the “professor” that “taught” the fake classes. Maybe they just don’t need McCants.


  13. Bob

    answers.com wouldn’t know class if it bite them in the adoubles . Grant you are correct about coach K and his many faces . The man doesn’t give an damn about this sport and he is an nasty bastard behind closed doors . He’s looking for an exit and the NBA maybe the path he takes .I do not see the prune coaching 3/5 more years at Duke .I will not hammer Pinto because reguardless Pinto came to Kentucky in the darkest hours of our programs history. See those years i watched every game and it was an slow years . He brought 1 Title and had his second set up when he left .Pinto has class and the second best basketball team in the state of Kentucky . John Calapri is for real . Both as an person and coach . He developes boys into men and he developes pro’s from players .

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