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Andrew Wiggins will make decision Tuesday and guess here is that it will be UK

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins


Can Kentucky’s historic recruiting class get even better? Kentucky fans and coach John Calipari will find out Tuesday when Andrew Wiggins, the nation’s top prospect, announces his college choice.

He’s down to Kentucky, Florida State, Kansas and North Carolina and Huntington (W.Va.) Prep coach Rob Fulford confirmed on Twitter Sunday that Wiggins would “sign Tuesday at around 12:15. He will not hold a press conference type ceremony. Just classmates, family and friends.”It’s no surprise that Wiggins, who many already expect to be the first pick in the 2014 NBA draft, is not making his decision on ESPN or having a setting where fans and media members could converge on him. Instead, only one local reporter will be in attendance to see which team Wiggins picks.If it is UK, the talk about a national championship and unbeaten season will only escalate. Kentucky has already signed McDonald’s All-Americans Andrew and Aaron Harrison, Marcus Lee, Julius Randle, James  Young and Dakari Johnson along with in-state players Derek Willis and Dominique Hawkins. Add returning players Willie Cauley-Stein, Alex Poythress, Kyle Wiltjer and Jarrod Polson and Calipari will have more depth than in any previous year at Kentucky as well as the all-time No. 1 recruiting class.

Wiggins has kept a low profile throughout the recruiting process and has never told coaches, teammates or friends where he would go to school. His parents attended Florida State, and Huntington Prep and teammate Xavier Rathan-Mayes signed with the Seminoles.


Kansas has a solid five-member recruiting class that features  7-footer Joel Embiid and perimeter players Wayne Selden and Brannen Greene.



P.J. Hairston and James Michael McAdoo decided to continue their careers at North Carolina and signees include forward Isaiah Hicks and center Kennedy Meeks. Wiggins would boost North Carolina into a top five recruiting class.

So what will Wiggins do?

The guess here remains that he picks UK. It gives him the best chance to win a national title in his one year in college. I also don’t buy the theory that he’ll be overwhelmed by the spotlight at Kentucky because he’s been in the spotlight for years. That won’t change at North Carolina, Kansas or Florida State, so why not join Calipari’s class, win a title and become another No. 1 overall NBA draft pick.


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  1. Larry T Clemons

    ” Always did like the way You Think, LV .”



  3. David

    Here’s hoping your right on this prediction Larry. If the announcement is at 1230 EST, I will have to wake up and check your site at 0430AM. Bummer no sleeping in for me.

  4. Jim Boyers

    I disagree that UK would be the school that put’s him “in the spotlight”. Just the opposite. Put him on ANY other team and he is “The Man”, getting all the attention from both the opposing team and the media. Put him on UK and he becomes one of a dozen stars, with many peers to take the heat. Not to mention that he would be double and triple teamed anywhere else. No team is going to be able to double ANYONE on the floor for UK. He can not only thrive in this atmosphere, but be relatively unbothered (in contrast to the other schools) while doing it.

    That being said, I just don’t see him picking UK. This is the first recruit I haven’t had much confidence in Cal landing. I hope I am wrong. At least we may not have to wait long to find out.

  5. Barry Noble

    Optimistic a bit, huh Larry? I see him choosing UNC.

    1. larryvaught

      Barry, just playing the percentages. CAl is 6-for-6 with McDonald’s All-Americans this year, so going to ride the hot hand

  6. King Ghidora

    I agree with him not getting double and triple teamed at UK Jim. I think he will pick UK just because of that. FSU might be his parents choice but he will be a one man show there with a constant stream of defenders hounding his every move. At UK that just won’t be possible because one of the other great players will hammer you if you don’t guard them.

  7. LindaS

    I just want it overwith. Done. I will be surprised if he picks UK. My gut feeling is he wants to be THE player on the team and he won’t be at UK.

  8. Larry T Clemons

    Hope Wiggins realizes, his best training for the NBA, will be Competition everyday in Practice @ KY, then, the Games actually feel easy….

  9. Kokamo Joe

    This is just a theory, but I hope that they theory becomes a reality

    Calipari is a master PR man and propagandist. If Wiggins holds off his decision…a decision that Calipari knows will be UIK… long enough for last year’s disaster and UL’s championship to fade a bit and then hit the news that UK has the number one recruit to go along with the other McDonald’s All Americans, UK will be the talk of the basketball for a good of the summer. And UK will go into next year with expectations of being number one.

    Smart move, it the theory is correct.

  10. Larry T Clemons

    KJ, ” Now your Playing Chess, and I like It !

  11. dennis

    I would like to see him UK Blue but believe he will go with Tarheel pansy blue instead

  12. Randy

    Did I see the name Barry Noble on here? The Barry Noble that went to WKU back in the 80’s?

  13. Anonymous

    Did I see the name Barry Noble on here? The Barry Noble that went to WKU back in the 80’s?

  14. Randy

    Is that the Barry Noble that attended WKU back in the 80’s?

  15. Larry T Clemons

    I want him at UK…but, if he chooses Coach Hamilton, @ FSU, I’m OK with that. Coach Hamilton helped Kentucky Win it’s 1978 Championship and I wish Him nothing but the Best for His Program….

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