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Here’s three  postgame comments from point guard Andrew Harrison after Saturday’s win over Louisville that impressed  me for a lot of reasons.

On Dominique Hawkins … “Dominique has the heart of a lion. He’s a monster. At practice he brings it every possession, and he’s a great player. I love him like a brother.”

On being relieved to finally get a big win … “Yeah, but at the same time, we’re trying to get better. We’ve got practice tomorrow at 6 (in the morning).”

On how the crowd  helped … “We kind of played off the crowd, but at the same time, you don’t try to play for the crowd. It helped us. It’s kind of fun when the whole arena’s for you.”

One, obviously Hawkins is pushing Harrison in practice, but the “I love him like a brother” shows me Harrison has accepted the competition and is getting better because of it, something he needed on a daily basis.

Two, Harrison knew one win didn’t make a season and understood practice the next day was going to be about getting better.

Three, Harrison gave the crowd kudos, but correctly  noted a team cannot play for the crowd or it becomes unorganized.

Again, to me, all signs of maturity after his most important win at Kentucky.

3 Responses to Andrew Harrison’s postgame comments show his maturity and understanding of UK basketball

  • Judi Cole says:

    I agree, Larry. He’s on his way to becoming a true Calipari guard.

  • Karen Sprinkle says:

    I agree, Larry. Andrew grew up a lot this game. And he even smiled in his post-game remarks. :-)

  • Sarah White says:

    Karen, I feel the same way. We have not seen the brothers smile often, but I think that smile said more than words could ever say. The smile said – we are pretty darn good, I am loving this win, and playing basketball at Kentucky is fun! I loved it. I was so proud of each of them.


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