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Andrew Harrison says criticism made Cats “hungrier to keep getting better”


INDIANAPOLIS — Here’s a few things that Andrew Harrison, who is playing his best basketball of the season, had to say Saturday as Kentucky was getting set to play Michigan here today.

On the atmosphere of the game last night and the crowd:
“It was exciting. Everyone on the team can say what they want, but everybody was nervous a little bit. It means a lot in the state of Kentucky and it was a game to get us to the Elite Eight.”

On the criticism and scrutiny the team has faced and countering the criticism:
“It’s a great feeling. At the same time, it makes you a little hungrier to keep getting better. You have to remember all the scrutiny you took and the criticism and keep playing.”

On what the toughest moment was:
“Maybe losing at home to Arkansas. No disrespect to any of the teams we lost to, but South Carolina. Losing to them was a pretty low point.”

On if he questioned himself or any of the circumstances during that period:
“Of course. In those situations, people are disappointed. You have to go back and realize who you are playing for: yourself, your parents and people like that. You have to get in the gym and regain your confidence.”

On being a young player and how you develop at such a young age:
“What people don’t understand is that you have to earn it. You have to earn people’s respect. You have to do something to earn your teammate’s respect whether it’s stand up to somebody or speak up for them. You have to do that and I think I did that eventually and you have to gain their respect and I think I did that.”


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  1. cats79

    Andrew, i never gave up on your guys like some did and it’s a shame that we are spoil to the fact about KENTUCKY BASKETBALL HISTORY. Alot of people don’t understand that winning doesn’t come over nite with 18 and 19 year olds players. It was unfair to the players and the coaches to read or hear all the negative crap that was going on. Our world society talk too much negative than positive and maybe thats why our god beloved earth is spinning backwards. I was taught to be positive regardless what might hinder in your life, ENJOY YOUR LIFE WHILE YOU ON THIS EARTH besides you only got one time. GO CATS!!!!

    1. Larry Pup

      Amen cats79!!! I agree.

  2. Judi Cole

    Like you, cats79′ i never gave up on our team and coach. This team has shown so much heart and remind me of the 2011 team. The twins have grown up fast and I’m so glad they have had this chance to redeem themselves in front of a national audience.

  3. Larry T Clemons

    I personally enjoyed, watching this Team mature and fight thru the struggles…I never gave up on their abilities and I am truly enjoying this run….I couldn’t ask for more from any Team. Thank You Wildcats & Coaches

    1. Larry Pup

      Amen Larry T. Well said. This team has grown up right before our very eyes. It is good to enjoy the ride now no matter the outcome going forward. It has been good to stay faithful to this team and their coach. GO CATS!!!!

  4. Ron Kissner

    You 3 people are full of crap! They are playing there best basketball right now as a team but the 1st 15 min. of the Ville game they was playing one on one again. Look if all these boys heard all year how great they was even when they was losing they would have never made the tournament! With that being said that is what is wrong with society because nobody wants to be hard on young people when they ain’t working hard at there craft whatever it is. My Mamaw use to say if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen (:
    GO BIG BLUE!!!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Hey,” Ronnie Come Lately “…we supported Our Team, All Season, Good & Bad ! Seems You just came on Board. And You haven’t added much, still…

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