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Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison: “I made some dumb plays” against Florida

UK point guard Andrew Harrison passes in the loss to Florida. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)

UK point guard Andrew Harrison passes in the loss to Florida. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)


Kentucky coach John Calipari said he wanted players to accept responsibility for how they played against Florida and if they were outplayed, admit it. Andrew Harrison did that and more.

“I made some dumb plays: fouling on a jumper, not switching on pick-and-roll a couple times. But you learn from that,” said Harrison.

He admitted it was frustrating for him and the team to have so many of the same issues/problems continue.

Especially because we had a great chance to win in the game. We’re up and we just didn’t do it. It sucks, but you have to go back to the drawing board in practice and get better tomorrow,” Harrison said.

And what did the game with Florida mean?

“To be honest, nothing because — it means something because it’s a league game and all that stuff — but we live to fight another day. We’re going to grow from this and it’s just how you get back up,” Harrison said.

Calipari had  no complaints with Harrison’s play until the final four to five minutes when Florida point guard Scottie Wilbiken took over.

“I thought Andrew played a terrific basketball game, but the last four minutes, Scottie just outplayed him,” Calipari said. “Up until that point, I thought Andrew held his own, but again, that experience of how to finish off a game.”


Harrison missed five of his first six shots Saturday  but made five of his final six shots,  and all eight of his free throws. The freshman had team-high 20 points, four rebounds and four assists.


“The second half is where it counts and I don’t think I made enough plays for my team,” Harrison said. “That’s really why I feel really bad. We didn’t execute well enough. We just didn’t make enough plays at the end.

“We gave up some offensive rebounds, I fouled on a jump shot. It was really stupid. We just didn’t execute. It could be lack of focus. It could have been just anxiousness. It could be anything. We wanted to win. I’m not sure about focus. I mean, you have to play the game. We’re going to out there with the same mindset like we’re going to win like we do every game.”




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  1. Mike

    Apparently basketball 101 was not one of the strengths any of the freshmen brought to this program and little evidence to suggest they have learned it on the job. He is right in that they keeping making the same mistakes over and over. It is nice to have some personal accountability expressed but until those areas of improvement transfer to game situations nothing really changes.

  2. Pacman

    It’s nice to have players “owning their performance” but when does the coach
    start owning his performance. If you get out coached in the last 5 minutes “own it”
    and then improve it. Unfortunately we continue to see the coach not. ” owning ” his
    performance and not correcting his coaching mistakes

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