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Andrew, Aaron Harrison still weighing NBA evaluations


Don’t expect a decision quickly from guards Andrew and Aaron Harrison about the NBA draft. The Kentucky freshmen have until Sunday to declare for the draft or stay at UK and based on what their father told Houston’s Fox 26, it looks like a decision is several days away.

Aaron Harrison Sr. said the family is “probably midway” through the evaluation process and is still waiting official word from the NBA on the guards’ evaluations. Some mock drafts have both players projected as late first-round picks, some mock drafts have both going in the second round where there are no guaranteed contracts.

“I talked to a gentleman at the NBA and he said he would get it (the paperwork on the evaluations) to me as fast as possible and then we’ll go from there,” said Aaron Harrison Sr. “It’s important. You’re trying to find out what the prospects are for them and where they’ll be drafted and all those things.”

Sporting News’ mock draft has Andrew Harrison No. 21 pick and Aaron Harrison No. 25. Ed Isaacson of NBADraftblog.com also said he would put both in the first round.

Aaron Harrison Sr. told Fox 26 that his sons are not leaning either way. The twins told the station that they are thinking about “all the angles” and that the decision was tough on them and their family.

If both Andrew and Aaron Harrison return, the Wildcats will be a legitimate national title contender again — and perhaps the No. 1 team going into next season. Kentucky would have the Harrisons, Wilie Cauley-Stein, Marcus Lee, Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis definitely returning along with incoming freshmen Karl Towns, Trey Lyles, Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker. With Alex Poythress also likely returning and possibly Dakari Johnson as well, that’s another talented roster for coach John Calipari with depth and experience.

On top of that you add talented freshmen in pure point guard Tyler Ulis, skilled low-post scorer Karl Towns Jr., big-time jump-shooter Devin Booker and versatile power forward Trey Lyles. You’ve got a deep, talented and mature roster that actually has what it’s been missing in a locker room voice.

If the Harrisons continue to play the way they did in the postseason and can improve with a push from Ulis and Booker daily, UK could be a much better team next year than this season’s team that make the national title game.

If the Harrisons don’t return, the Hawkin-Ulis combination will be solid at point guard because Ulis has great court sense and is special at the game’s intangibles. Booker is also a knockdown shooter, much like former Cat Doron Lamb.

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    The Twins have many reasons, to return…And it seems there is only one thing that could lure them away…” money “. Another Year at Kentucky, would allow them to better prepare themselves for the rigors of The NBA, they are still young. Another Season, will give them the opportunity to continue the improve Play, they showed in the Tourney. And, the big question is, are they ready to separate ? This is hard to read, but I believe, The Harrison Twins are ” Staying & Playing “.

  2. Kokamo Joe

    IMO the Harrisons will return. Calipari seems to be stringing this out for the PR effect. Tomorrow Randal has a press conference where he will announce that he will go. I don’t expect the Harrisons to announce until near the last day. Johnson and Alex will announce near the mid week.

  3. CatFan4Life

    Wondering why KJ thinks Calipari is stringing out the Harrison Twin’s decision. I was under the impression they were at home in Texas talking it over with their parents. Cal can only get information from the NBA for them to use in their decision making when the people in the know at the NBA are ready to pass it along. I’m sure Cal wants to know soon as well!

  4. Barry

    Andrew and Aaron are great kids and decent basketball players, but their focus has always been on their own agenda and not the team’s. Do they need to come back…sure. Will it be good for next year’s team…it could be, but will it be? They are definitely the wild cards for next year. I feel the team will be fine without them. With them if they indeed have matured and will play for the team, then a title shot would be greatly enhanced. If they play for themselves, it could be another dysfunctional year that might not have a storybook ending. Personally, I put the team first and hope they move on and wish them the best in their next venue.

  5. Larry Pup

    Come on back Andrew and Aaron and make my day.

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