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Aaron Harrison: “We are Kentucky. We don’t need any nicknames”

Aaron Harrison photo courtesy of Brian Spurlock-McDonalds-McDonald's

Aaron Harrison photo courtesy of Brian Spurlock-McDonalds.

Brian Spurlock-McDonalds

Brian Spurlock-McDonalds


As I was watching Louisville rally to beat Wichita State last night, I was looking back through notes from the McDonald’s All-American Game and figuring out what stories I still had to write.

That’s when I came upon three of my favorite quotes of the week — all from Aaron Harrison. He’s been somewhat overshadowed by his twin brother, point guard Andrew Harrison, but don’t doubt Aaron Harrison’s ability, leadership or perspective. My guess is that UK fans will love him.

Here are three answers he had that I loved:

What would be a good nickname for next year’s UK team? “We are Kentucky. We don’t need any nicknames. We are just going out to prove we are the best.”

Do you like the pressure you will be under at UK? “We like all of it. Great players thrive in great moments. We want everybody to be out there. Just wait and see.”

Will your recruiting class definitely predict a national title the way players did two years ago? “We will proclaim it I guess but it is not about words. It is about what you do out there on the court”

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  1. Jim Boyers

    I’m really looking forward to watching how this season transpires. We have some really good kids, who seem to be very confident and capable of being leaders.

    Are you paying attention Andrew Wiggins? Come here and be a part of it or go elsewhere and be steamrolled by it. The choice is yours.

  2. ukcrazycat

    I agree that the team doesn’t need a nickname but I can’t help hoping that Andrew changes his number from 5 to 55. Since Aaron wears #2, I would like to be able to refer to them as ( Deuce and the Double Nickle )

    1. GrampyBlue

      Big Blue Nation will love these kids no matter what they call themselves. Seems like they all just want to hit the court and prove who they are. Have to love their attitudes.
      # BBNFamily

      1. Jim Boyers

        Isn’t it awesome to hear these kids talk? I think we are in for an amazing ride.

    2. grendel007

      Or go with 1 and 8, and be Ace and Eight, the dead man’s hand. And I don’t say that in a bad way

  3. Sarah White

    I can’t wait until next year. Women’s Clinic, here I come!! Thanks, Larry for these quotes. The first one really stuck out when he said: We are Kentucky. He “gets it” already.

    1. Karen Sprinkle

      I agree. I’ve been trying to talk my Mom into coming again. I have to say that I love these quotes by Aaron, but my favorite quote was by his brother, Andrew: I’m just warning my teammates right now. If you don’t come to practice ready to play, you’re gonna get killed.

  4. Larry Pup

    His best quote “It is about what you do out there on the court.”

  5. King Ghidora

    The Fab Five, The Fiddlin’ Five, Rupp’s Runts, The Unforgettables, The Super Kittens, The Untouchables, etc. – those are all great nicknames for UK teams. But such things are for the fans and the media. Players don’t pay much attention to that stuff. They’re concentrating on playing ball. Pup is exactly right. His best quote was what players do on the court instead of the names they get saddled with. I got stuck with a couple of nicknames in school. One I liked, the other I didn’t like at all. Most players would rather just make their own name mean something. Then there’s the people who steal names and apply it to other teams. The Fab Five for example. Ask anyone born in the last half century who that was and most will say Michigan but that name belongs to UK. The name I didn’t like came from someone else too which is why I really didn’t like it big time. If you knew the name you’d understand why. I’m not revealing it for sure.

    Sometimes names help a player or a team. Sometimes they hurt big time. Can you imagine how Phi Slamma Jamma felt when they lost after getting pegged with a name like that? They must have felt like they got tossed out of their own frat. And Michigan’s Fab Five. They did nothing except blow up in the Final 4. A name like that is hard to live up to (UK’s version certainly managed it though with 2 national titles, an NIT championship when the NIT was really the top tournament and an Olympic gold). UK made the name means something. Michigan’s players must feel like it was all a bad joke being considered to be great and never achieving that greatness. So it’s easy to see why a player would just prefer to go with their own name or the name on the front of the jersey.

    1. UKFAN19TONE

      Who were the “Super Kittens”? Never heard that before. Kids now-a-days are only worried about the name on the back of that Jersey, don’t kid yourself.

      The Fab 5 didn’t do a thing for them but make them Legends; not to me. Regardless if that team was dirty or not, oh, and starting the trend with XXXXXL shorts and black socks. Can’t forget that.

      1. UKFAN197TONE

        Let me add to my comment about the players…

        NOT ALL players are about the name on the back. Just the majority.

    2. DLancer

      Ah, Michigan can have a team named afer a Laundry detergent. Kentucky has the real FABULOUS Five.

  6. TrueBlueJohn

    The Supper Kittens were the recruits that were freshmen in 1971-72 which was the last year that freshmen weren’t eligible for the varsity. The freshmen team that year regularly beat the varsity. Kevin Grevey, Jimmy Dan Conner, Mike Flynn, Bob Guyette, Steve Lochmuller, Jerry Hale, and G.J. Smith. This group formed the senior nucleus for the 1975 runner-up team.

  7. Ruralvillefan

    I’m so glad that my faith & trust is not in an assembled group of unproven freshmen that have never played a college game. I’m so glad you all are already anointing yourselves the National Champions next year. You’ve got a lot to live up to with a group of guys that you’ll only know for about 6 months…Good luck with that!

    1. Korch

      Which one of these “6 months players” would you or your school not accept if they decided to come to your school. You recruited them and they didn’t choose you so you bad mouth them. Get a life

      1. Larry Pup

        Typical UL fan. I warned you all.

    2. Katbluefan

      Ruralvillefan…..My Cats stumbled this year but I’ll take that. My Coach Cal whom I am a fan of because I’m also a Memphis Tiger fan and live near Memphis. But to you I’ll say I’m a born , raised KY blue. So take your Ville Red and your Slime Ball coach who had a “Table Affair” and should have been sent packing for actions and treatment of his wife and family but no your Slime ball Univ. kept him around. Just goes to show what type of Admin the UL is…….Slime Ball.

      1. Robert Morris..hahaha

        Slime ball coach??..who’s coach is it that has every school he leaves seems to somehow vacate wins or banners of some sort..what 2013 national champion COACH pitino does in his spare is his business..a “table affair” is not breaking ne laws..just be ready to take down that 2012 banner whenever he strategically makes his “sudden” exits..chumps..#L1C4

        1. Larry Pup

          Michigan got robbed. Haven’t you heard the game is under investigation. It was goal tending and Burke got a clean block on Siva. Those among many other blown calls. How much did UL pay the refs? Let’s see, No. 3 for UL, UK will be going for No. 9. What is wrong with this picture? UL is about 50 years behind schedule seems to me. Oh you mean the Big East that Louisville bailed on. They are so loyal. I will say that UL has finally joined the big leagues in the Carolina League, or is it the Duke league? Yeah, and when the little red birds come calling to Rupp in late Dec you will find out what our 6 mos. players can do.

          1. Robert Morris..hahaha

            I can admit there were terrible calls in the CHAMPIONSHIP game..but one play doesn’t define a game that we controlled in the 2nd half..without r leading scorer putn up half his average..who cares about ur locker room motivation..y’all campus is more like motel for the bball players..coach cal depends on the hs phenoms becuz he can’t coach if this year wasn’t evidence enough..what hapns when the trophy doesn’t come back to Lexington next year..what’s the excuse?? Continue to put ur faith in these babies..but men win rings..just pray that Russ, chane,and dieng actually leave this year..cuz if two of three return we are right back at it..I’ve heard all this hype about ur incoming freshman class(as I have for the last 4 years)but only one banner to show for it..hell..I could’ve coached the 2011-12 team to a championship..by the way we havnt lost a game since febf5 ot ND game)ran the table in the BEST conference..lost a KEY reserve at te worst possible time in the tournament..got revenge on the team that snuck by us without dieng..beat them by 22(o yeah..they handled y’all at full strength)..then continue on to win the ship’ in “cat”lanta..it’s a shame uk didnt win the sec(a bonafide football conference)especially with a top 3 recruiting class as usual..but that’s neither here nor there..it’s about to be time to focus on football..time to focus on beating another SEC team(one that beats y’all by an average of 25) and winning ANOTHER bcs ship’..

        2. Larry Pup

          Bobby….let’s see, UK has 8 National Championship Banners. How many does Loserville have? When Loserville catches up talk to me hot shot…..Loserville the school of want a beez. Wait until the Duke league gets through with Loserville. They will be begging to get back in the Big Easy in both roundball and football. You will see. How does it feel to be playing in the big leagues now?

          1. Robert Morris...hahaha

            Hey Larry..ur a funny guy..I like u..lets c..where do I start to rip ur last comment to shreds..8 banners..how many of those were u alive to see..how many teams were playing in the NCAA at the time..how many of those did yall win while bball was segregated??..don’t talk to me about a banner if u wasn’t breathing when the trophy was lifted and the nets were cut..now to that duke league remark..we just smacked duke by 22..and welcome to the big leagues?? And we’ve been playing in what’s been regarded as the best league in college bball for how long??..and we’ve won multiple regular season titles as well as tournament titles..so that argument is dead..and as far as the pigskin goes..y’all r nothing but a punching bag for the sec..when was the lay time y’all placed In the top 3 in the sec??..and in bball the sec is no factor at all..so lets not throw stones if u live in a glass house please..how many sec teams were in the final four this year??..don’t worry I’ll wait..hell..how many acc teams??..y’all should b the ones begging to switch conferences..we beat a top SEC team on the gridiron..how bout y’all..Stevie Johnson aint suiting up for y’all netime soon my friend..

          2. Larry Pup

            We will see Bobby Red Bird. You guys have had your little run in the sun. It is fast coming to an end. UK is your measuring stick, always has been and always will be. We own the Bluegrass state Bobby. Never forget that. And we probably got you losers tied for fans in Louisville too. So everywhere you look you see UK BLUE. Hurts don’t it Bobby. I’m from central Kentucky, and shucks I must have seen at least 2 or 3 Loserville flags on cars around here this year. So you all picked up three new fans. They look odd amongst all these UK fans. People look at them funny around here. By the way you are gonna start hurting, whining, and crying come Sept. and definitely in late December. Get you’re crying towel ready Bobby. GO BLUE!!!

  8. T Williams

    I would hope a good name for next year’s team would be the untouchables, especially after suffering through this the year of the uncoachables.

    1. Larry Pup

      Hey RobertMorris..hahaha alias “shit head” we shall see. After Sept. when the little red birds go down hard at the hands of Stoops Troops in our house we will hear from you no longer. Louisville has finally got something to brag about. I’ll bet there’s at least 20,000 fans in papa johns field at a UL football game. That’s impressive for a former Conference USA team. Kind of reminds me of a high school field. UL will be in awe at CWS and the big leagues. Get your tickets now they are going fast. Oh, and come Dec. you are going to see a real basketball team in blue and white kick UL’s ass by about 30 I predict. I hope your top guns do come back, it will make it a fair game. I am glad you are able to enjoy this brief period of excellence and success, but I warn you it is going to be a tough fall for you starting in Sept. Don’t worry, maybe your team of red birds can manage to stay focused enough to carry on. Like I said they are legends in their own minds.

      1. Robert Morris...hahaha

        Stoops Troops..haha..sounds like a some Boy Scouts, or a bad name for a boy band..just experiencing success??..we’ve won multiple bcs bowls..played in the cws..been to multiple final fours..men won a national championship..women played in 2 title games..we have the best AD in the country..y’all won a well deserved ring last year and have some good recruiting classes..now all of sudden UK is the powerhouse of athletics..we’re not gonna talk about sept..cuz the world seen us thrash Florida..when was the last time y’all beat Florida..Id rather have 20,000 fans to see my team beat Rutgers..than have 50,000 see my team lose to WKU..WKU?? Really?? But this is a bball post..I’ll wait til August to rub more of our “sudden” success in..this was a good year to be a Cardinal.. L’s UP

        1. larryvaught

          Robert Morris, will agree. great year to be a Cardinal. That is one statement no one can dispute. Thanks for continuing to add your comments here

        2. Larry Pup

          Loserville lucked up against Florida in football. They couldn’t do it again in a million years. Loserville ha ha ha! They will find out in Sept. what Stoops Troops can do. I saw you’re women’s team lost to UConn. loved it! Our baseball team just kicked Loserville’s tail too Ha Ha Ha! And then Bobby Morriss we have the big bad red birds in Rupp in late Dec. we will see what happens. It hurts when you fall Bobby.

          1. Robert Morris...hahaha

            I just love how I’m being addressed as “mr. Morris”..”bobby”..Robert..etc..I’d figure u UK fans would have caught on by now..Robert morris..as in storm the court on ur KITTENS..8th seed NIT team that bet ur 1 seeded NIT team..I love it..and yeah we beat Florida..it might not hapn again for a million years..but check this..y’all Havnt beat them in a million years..so we still have done something that y’all havnt..hahaha..and u watched r girls get thumped..when was the last time y’all watched ur women play for a championship??..don’t worry I’ll wait..it’s funny I’m bein called a idiot becuz I’m giving facts..but what can I say..truth hurts..

          2. Larry Pup

            Bobby we know all about Robert Morris. You are very clever. But let’s look at some facts. As far as I know UK leads UL 29 -14 in the basketball series and 14-10 in football. When Loserville catches up with the Big Blue you will have earned the right to run your mouth. I also think you are just a tad bit worried about your team or you would not pop off so much on this UK site. You act like this is Loserville’s first rodeo. Us Big Blue fans are far more seasoned, acting like true champions at all times, and never forgetting we are truly the best the sports world has to offer in the Bluegrass State.

  9. GCarney

    The Untouchables would be a great name especially if they were to go undefeated and win a National Championship . I hope Cal can make a deal to play Indy if so and really shove it up there A– and beat them the year we go undefeated so there is no excuses. Go Big Blue !!!!!!

  10. Basketball Fan

    I think it would be “hot” if Wiggins went to Louisville. The entire country would go crazy! Kentucky won last season. Louisville just won a championship Monday night! Both Kentucky teams will be ranked top 10 and up no doubt. Kentucky would probably be ranked higher due to the monster recruiting class and earn the bigger target on their backs. The annual Louisville – Kentucky game would be must see TV! Kentucky players have already made it clear (even though they would love to have him) that they don’t really need Wiggins and will win with or without him. Now honestly …. who would want to go play with a group that would say something like that? Louisville on the other hand displays tremendous teamwork, chemistry, passion and cared for each other like brothers. Louisville ended up with about a 16 game winning streak winning both the Big East and National Championship. It would be interesting! And you can almost bet that Mr. Wiggins has thought about it at least once because Louisville has just won the National Championship. Wow! Here’s hoping….

    1. Bleedblue

      UK players care for themselves like brothers, wiggins isn’t a brother yet. YET.

    2. Larry Pup

      I will admit Louisville is sure gonna need him. We will see.

  11. Fred Gunta

    I heard the same hype about last year’s class. Noel was ranked #1 in the country, and was proclaimed Anthony Davis 2.0. Archie Goodwin was supposed to be the next Tyreke Evans, and Alex Poythress was supposed to be a man amongst boys on the college level. I will wait and see what this group actually does first. Hype kills.

  12. Robert Morris..hahaha

    Bums…NIT first round losing boys..Noel cried when he tore his acl..ware told his fellow comrades to win the game..and didnt shed a tear..2013 national champs..16 game win streak..big east tournament and regular season champs..that’s a team..nobody is worried about these incoming babies..tell them to win something before taking that pacifier out his mouth..the 2011-12 Cats were a once a decade team..salute..but this past season should have been a eye opener..if not wake up..#proveit #L1C4

  13. Larry Pup

    See what I mean boys and girls, typical UL fan. We will have to listen to it until Dec. then dues will be paid at Rupp. And just think some of you so called UK fans cheered them on. Amazing. Hey RobertMorriss..hahaha KMA.

    1. Larry Pup

      Something else hahaha, we will make sure your quote makes it on the UK’s locker room wall when Louisville comes to town in Dec.

    2. Kokamo Joe

      Robert Morris is an idiot. Is that any reason why some of us should also be idiots?Next season there will be a meeting of two champions in Rupp. We will win, assuming that Calipari can gain control and assuming that the newcomers will be as good as advertised. UL will be no slouch, but…again if the freshmen are as good as advertised..no team in the country should beat the Cats, and certainly no team should beat the Cats in Rupp.

      Re: typical UL fan. Have you ever considered that there typical UK fans who are just as obnoxious as Mr. Morris?

      Yes, some UK fans did cheer the Cards on. Actually not some…many. There are actually some human beings who can see beyond the supposed “evil” of the rival and realize that kids…decent kids play for the other side. Why should anybody work him/herself up into a frenzy because they were able to do what we did last year?

      Remember, neither you or I can define what a fan is. In other words, your “so called fan” can be just as strong for UK as even you.

      1. Larry Pup

        I don’t buy it Kokamo. But if you want to love all over and foam at the mouth about Loserville and be their advocate be my guest. I don’t go on their blogs and talk a bunch of trash like this goof ball did on Larry V’s. RM made my point for me. I have my definition of a fan and I’m sticking to it. I don’t think you are much of a UK fan. JMO. Have a nice day.

        1. Kokamo Joe

          A blog that allows comment is open to all. This blog does not belong to you, or a UL who chooses to post.

          You must understand this. It is six of one and half dozen of the other. In fact, I don’t think that Robert Morris can hold a candle to you. You have called him a “shit head.” UK is going to “kick ass” in December. The Cards are “little red birds.” Popa John’s is a high school field. And on and on.

          As long as Larry allows it Robert Morris can post on blog and so can you. You two can harp on each other and make ridiculous statement until the cows come home if you choose. You accomplish nothing except embarrassing the teams that you claim to support. But I am telling you this…there are more definitions of a fan than one. You have yours, I have mine, just as there are others who see being a part of the BBN in their own way. None of us have a lock on what a fan should be. It is an individual thing. One is not better than the other.

          You amuse me when you read my posts and twist my words to mean that I “foam at the mouth about Loserville.” Why does it bug you so much that every body does not think like you? Please understand this…I have no animosity against you. We express opinions. That is all.

          1. Larry Pup

            Calm down Joe. Don’t get your underwear in a knot You started this again not me. I know where you stand. You have made that very clear in past posts. And I moved on, OK? I have more respect for Robert Morris than you. He is a warrior fan for his school. I respect that. I even like that. I know where he stands. Where I come from that is what a rivalry is. I don’t expect him to give me any quarter, nor will I give him any either. He is a Louisville fan. That is our biggest rival. I don’t take it personal. It is merely sports talk a mere game and that’s all. I would gladly, if I could, sit next to RM at a game and gleefully watch UK beat Louisville’s brains out, and enjoy every min. of it. I’m sure he, or maybe she, would do the same with me. He posted on this UK blog, ok? I’m just having a little fun with it. With you, I never am quite sure whose side you are on. As for my posts if Larry V. says knock it off I would. Until then, mind you own business.

          2. Robert Morris...hahaha

            Larry pup..I knew I liked u..for once we totally agree on something..there’s no room for soft fans like JOE..this is a rivalry..who likes their rivals??..never would I root for UK in any sport..u think duke roots for UNC??..no!!!..grow a pair JOE..this is all in fun..I could definitely have beer with Larry and talk this talk all day..this is healthy..this what u call necessary evil..the rivalry would mean nothing if we all felt like Joe..it b just another game..let em hang joe..hahaha

          3. Larry Pup

            Never thought I’d see the day I would agree with a Louisville fan. RM you have made my day. I have laughed until I cried and enjoyed every bit of it. Man you are a beast. Let me just say in closing, Louisville is King of basketball right now, are you happy? But, let me add they are going down at the hands of the Big Blue the next one up. Also, little Teddy Bridgewater better be on his game come Sept. he is gonna be about 2 feet shorter after our big rush ends pound the living shit out of him at CWS. Have you guys found anybody who can center the ball yet? Go Blue!!!!

          4. Robert Morris...hahaha

            Much respect Larry pup..it take a big man to admit that..especially wearing that UK blue..I can also admit that over these last few years that y’all having definately dominated college bball..not just instate..but overall..just so hapnd that y’all chose to fall off when we were peaking,,it’s just been a awesome year to b a louisville fan..the cards couldn’t have been dealt ne better(no pun intended)..and “little teddy Bridgewater” will be sure to throw for 300+ on y’all guaranteed..u must b forgetting that he’s a early heisman candidate..and one of the best qbs in the country..we’ve won at cws and I’m sure well do it again..we didnt give Charlie all that money to lose to y’all..it’ll b a lopsided win for us..we’ll go 12-0 this year due to a weak conference schedule and hopefully end up playing for the BCS championship..depending on what SEC team comes out and pac-12 also…but it’ll be interesting this year..y’all might actually win 2-3 games in conference this year..and December will b a good matchup…hopefully we’ll still b on r win streak when we come to Rupp aka RUSS arena..maybe calipari Will actually b able to coach this group of babies..but I’ll end this by saying they look mighty nice tho..this should b a good year for collee sports..@ Larry pup..salute

        2. Larry Pup

          RM…I should have said we will pound Bridgewater if we can catch him. Yeah he is a great one, no doubt. I am well aware of the Heisman hype. But you listen, CWS will be rocking. The Red Birds better not get to cocky. I smell an upset. Take care and thanks for the compliment. You brought a little lively conversation to Larry V’s site. I for one enjoyed the challenge. The Robert Morris thing was brutal. You are a brave man.

          1. Kokamo Joe

            While you two bantam roosters hurl real and imaginary insults at each other I will be at Rupp watching the Cats roll. I will occasionally watch a Card game just to see what they have got and if the Cards win a couple or three games in the NCAA tournament I won’t be seething with anger and saying that the only way the red birds can win is if the refs give it to them.

  14. UKFAN197TONE

    What does L1C4 mean?

    1. Larry Pup

      She probably don’t know.

      1. Robert Morris..hahaha

        O yeah..L1C4 mean louisville first..cardinals forever..#risetotheoccassion…NIT not included..hahaha

        1. Larry Pup

          L1C4=Loserville No.1 Chumps Cats forever.

  15. Kokamo Joe


    UL loses probably three of it’s starting five. They won’t be the same team next year. We get them in Rupp next year and again we will have the best recruiting class plus the holdovers. It should be no contest. Our Harrisons are talking big as people with skill and the ego to match are prone to do. The truth is that we don’t know how good the 5 new UL players will be and there is no way to predict how good our new squad will be. If this last years proves anything it is this: freshman talent does not always lead to great success. Both teams will depend on freshmen next year.

    Both sides would save themselves some potential embarrassment if they would cut the bragging and spewing of hate.

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