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Aaron Harrison on Wiggins: “It would be an amazing team (if he came to UK)”


As we get closer to the Andrew Wiggins’ decision, it reminded me of what Aaron Harrison had to say at the McDonald’s All-American Game about a month ago as he was asked about the possibility of the nation’s No. 1 recruit joining the Wildcats.

Question: How good a team would it be if Wiggins committed to Kentucky?
Harrison: “It would be an amazing team.  He is one of the best athletes I have ever seen in my life.  Put an athlete like him on the court and he would be great.”

Question: Have you tried to sell him on Kentucky this week?
Harrison: “No.  I don’t try to do that.  I did not like that when people tried to do that to me.  He is a teenager just like I am.  We hang out, listen to music, text.”

Question: Where do you predict he will go?
Harrison: “I have no idea.”

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  1. Toicat

    The bottom line is that no matter which school that Andrew Wiggins decides on, their basketball program will become a lot better for his contributions. Selfishly, I would love it if he went to the Cat’s, but even if he chooses FSU, UNC, or Kansas…UK will have a very solid team with good bench strength.

    If you have not already done so, look at some internet video of Wiggins. Wow, he just glides through the lane. Oh yeah, defensively, he is a coaches’ dream. I believe that his announcement is coming later today. Soon, we will all know…

    Go Cat’s Go ! Number 9 would be divine !

  2. Larry T Clemons

    I want him at UK…but, if he chooses Coach Hamilton, @ FSU, I’m OK with that. Coach Hamilton helped Kentucky Win it’s 1978 Championship and I wish Him nothing but the Best for His Program….

    1. Toicat

      Yes sir, Larry I agree with you. I made that trip to the Checkdome, and what a game it was beating Duke! Ahhhh the memory of it…

      Leonard Hamilton has put together a terrific program, and in the ACC that is no small thing. Adding Andrew Wiggins would certainly help their cause in a big way.

      If I were going to bet, I still would put a couple of matchsticks on North Carolina. Just a hunch. Gosh, I hope that I’ve got the blue shades wrong!

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