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Aaron Harrison likes “toughness” of Rajon Rondo, hopes to meet him one day

Aaron Harrison photo by Clay Jackson. All rights reserved.

Aaron Harrison photo by Clay Jackson. All rights reserved.


Kentucky freshman guard Aaron Harrison says he has patterned his game after a variety of NBA stars — Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Monta Ellis.

“I try to take something from all of their games,” Harrison said.

It’s also no surprise that he says his all-time favorite Kentucky player would be point guard Rajon Rondo, now a star with the Boston Celtics. Rondo was also an intense competitor who preferred to let his versatile play do his talking.

“I just like his toughness and his game. He averages a triple-double. I have never met him, but I would like to one day,” Harrison said.

Harrison and his brother had academic work to complete and could not attend UK’s summer school with freshmen Marcus Lee, Julius Randle and Dakari Johnson. Instead, he says he worked on “just staying in shape, getting stronger and getting to the basket” during summer workouts.

“People are saying I am just a jump shooter. It’s not true, but it helps as motivation,” he said.

Calipari noted that Harrison was better with his left hand than his brother, something Aaron says is not true.

“My dad worked on my left hand a lot when we were younger because he knew it would be important,” he said. “But I think Calipari is just egging it on with Andrew about me being better. Just motivating him.”

So how are the twins most different on the court?

“I take more jump shots, and he will get to the basket and throw more passes. Stuff like that,” Harrison said. “Our shooting styles are different. We are different players.”

The two often played one-on-one games growing up in Richmond, Texas.

“That is probably why we are so tough now, because of that. We would go back and forth, definitely. No one ever lost a game two times in a row. We were probably 10 or 11 at the house doing that. It started a lot of arguments,” he smiled and said.

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