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7’1 Karl Towns Jr. OFFICIAL Junior Year Mixtape

Check out the NJ Gatorade Player of the Year’s 2012-13 junior season highlights as he lead St. Joseph-Metuchen to a back-to-back NJSIAA Non-Public A state title. In early December, Karl committed to Kentucky and announced he will reclassify to the class of 2014 which would make him a senior next season. Towns, known as a 3 point specialist, proved he has all-around game this season by handling the ball, attacking the rim and dishing it out to his teammates. The 17 year old 7’1″ center averaged 20.6 points, 14.0 rebounds and 5.3 blocks per game all while maintaining a 4.2 GPA. In case you missed it, he recorded a quadruple double this year and broke a rim the same game. If you haven’t checked out his freshman year mixtape or the quadruple double, be sure to click the annotations at the end of the video.

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  1. P90XDude

    Reminds me of Anthony Davis except Towns can drain the 3

    1. Larry T Clemons

      He’s much stronger than Davis and is 3 or 4 years younger…his international play helps also.

  2. Mike

    A very impressive young man. You can tell he doesn’t have a great vertical lift but gets by on height that he has and outstanding outside shooting ability.

    1. Gene

      Each time I read a comment such as this I have to ask “what kind of vertical lift (what ever the hell that refers to) did Wilt Chamberlain, or Lew Alcindor possess?”
      They got by quite nicely with what they had. If you are 7′-1″ you don’t need much.

      1. King Ghidora

        Chamberlain had an incredible ability to jump. His vertical leap was claimed to be 50″ which would be higher than any other acknowledged number (Jordan is claimed to have hit 48″ – Wiggins is said to actually have the highest vertical leap on record though). I do know that Wilt was a high jumper on the Kansas track team as well as running the 440 yard dash (now the 400 meters) where he also excelled. It is true that the ability to do a vertical leap is not the same as the ability to high jump but Wilt could apparently do both. Check out this amazing video if you want to see his leaping ability. The one thing that caught my eye was his elevation over another NBA player who was also very tall. Wilt’s waist was entirely above that player’s head. It’s at 0:05 in the video.

        BTW my high school team had a player that could touch the top of the backboard. He was amazing especially considering he was 5’10”. He was called for goal tending multiple times in the state tournament. He was not doing it from a standing stop like Wilt does in this video BTW. Still it was a totally amazing thing to see. There are extremely talented people in the world that no one knows about. Our shooting guard was 6’4″ so it’s not like there wasn’t height on the team. The best forward we had just happened to be 5’10”. That guard went on to become the highest scorer in Ohio U. history until his record was broken by Gary Trent.

        Anyway here’s the Chamberlain video. I think you’ll see that Wilt was an incredible leaper. He’s one of the best ever clearly.

  3. Rodney

    I don’t know, he seemed to have pretty good lift and athleticism for a 7’1″ big man! If he continues to improve, with that skill set, that dude is gonna be a dominate player in college and eventually the pros. We could very well have Dakari Johnson and Karl Towns in the front court in ’14-15. Wow!! Next year could be the beginning of an absolutely dominate stretch for UK. Is it not Madness yet???

    1. larryvaught

      Towns could be the best of the best that Calipari has recruited

  4. Jim Boyers

    I can’t even think about ’14-’15 right now. Too much to look forward to next season.

    The kid is great though. Extremely good moves for his size. I think P90X said it right.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m waiting on a high light reel…..that shows kids shooting and making free trows.

  6. Larry Pup

    Karl is a run away freight train. A one man wrecking crew. He’s a load. Best of all he’s coming to KENTUCKY!

  7. grant

    no lift? he is double clutching dunks on the freakin break. i wish i didn’t have his lift!

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