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Practice skirmish shows that Ryan Timmons is becoming more physical player


If you want proof of how coach Mark Stoops is changing the mentality for Kentucky football players, check the difference in freshman receiver Ryan Timmons.

He was one of Stoop’s marquee recruits in his first signing class. Kentucky was not really in the race for the versatile Franklin County speedster until Stoops took over and then he jumped at a chance to play in Neal Brown’s offene

Now Timmons is trying to become a much more physical player.

“We are just being physical and trying to be better on the perimeter and be tougher,” Timmons said recently. “I think guys are being more physical that weren’t last year. We have to help out more.

“I have got stronger. Blocking was one of the biggest things that I focused on this year. I think me learning to block better will open the offense more and make it better for me. I think I have gotten way better at that.”

He said “blocking was not the first thing” he did at Franklin County.

“That was not the first thing I was thinking about when I was not getting the ball, but I am here now and in the biggest and best league in the country, so I have to do that. I have got to be able to block and be tougher,” Timmons said.

He needed offseason shoulder surgery — “my surgery went well, the shoulder is doing fine” but then “tweaked” his other shoulder during spring practice. But it was not a typical tweak. Instead, it came in a practice skirmish.

“I think it was me trying to be more physical out on the perimeter with our defensive backs, but it wasn’t nothing personal. It was just football. Two guys going hard and frustration set it. But we are fine now. It was just practice,” Timmons said. “Last year we didn’t see a lot of the scuffles. Not just fights, but guys being physical after the whistle.

“That is something coach Stoops was emphasizing about being more physical on the perimeter with the wide receivers, so that is one thing we are trying to focus on more.”


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  1. Larry Pup

    UK has to be more physical, and Timmons seems to be working at it. He has to block for his teammates. They all do. This team is going to be very interesting come that late August opener. I hope they bring some thunder, and put some other teams on the receiving end of some hard nosed football.

    1. RJ

      Dang! We might actually win a few this year!

  2. Edward

    Amen LP Amen, the Big Blue Thunder is coming to the Southland!

  3. Andy

    I really hope we can stick it to Louisville this year. I can’t wait to see our backs run it right down their throats!!

    1. Edward

      I could really enjoy a trounce of the Gators!

  4. coldspringmike

    Let’s see. I would like to see us take care of business with Florida, L’ville and Tenn. It’s also pay back time to Vandy too

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