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Julius Randle’s draft stock rising, “strong motor” one of his best assets


It’s 53 days until the NBA draft and DraftExpress.com now has Kentucky freshman Julius Randle going No. 4 to the Utah Jazz as his stock has continued to rise since he announced he was leaving UK for the NBA.

Here’s what NBADraft. net lists as Randle’s strengths from a NBA standpoint:

Strengths: Very strong upper body and a reliable left hand … He shows a strong motor, and finishes well around the rim with contact … He is very skilled with his face up game and has shown some creative finishing ability … He is very dangerous on P&R and Pick and Pop, because of his ability to hit mid-range jumpers … Though he lacks elite explosiveness, he is able to use his strong frame to protect the ball and avoid blocks … On the offensive boards he is an absolute beast, relentless in seeking out rebounds … The same thing is true on the defensive end where he has natural instincts for rebounds … A pretty good post defender, he uses his strong body to not allow taller opponents to get close to the rim … He doesn’t have the quickest feet in the world, but definitely really good for a big, very balanced … Potentially he can switch on P&R situations for a couple of dribbles, but needs to improve on his showing … Randle is a mix of power, skills and balance that makes him a very interesting prospect … Despite being just a freshman he could have an immediate impact in the NBA due to his strength and offensive skills … He has drawn positive reviews for his attitude and coach-ability and appears to be a hard working kid that leaves everything on the floor every game and every practice …

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  1. King Ghidora

    I think Julius will surprise people in the draft.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I see a repeat of Cousins, in Julius and any GM that makes that mistake, will pay for it…Wiggins showed he can be stopped with good ” D “, Liggins could handle Him….imo

  2. Larry T Clemons

    I would take Him over Wiggins, but not Parker…

  3. Trublue

    Love julius but I’m not sure i agree with some of this assessment. If he hit mid range jumpers I sure didn’t see them. As far as his placement in the draft the best scenario for him would be the celtics or lakers getting a top 5 pick, or even falling to them should their picks fall in the 4-7 range. Sure would hate to see him go to Milwaulkee or Utah.

    1. Barry

      Be careful Trublue. Larry T. and King G. don’t like people who say anything that is less than gushingly positive about KY basketball. You are right with your concerns. Julius never got to develop because he had to play with the Harrison Twins. Aside from that, his height and wingspan will give him trouble dealing with the likes of a Lemarcus Aldridge or a Tim Duncan type player. Julius is a great kid and I wish him the best, but his NBA future was not served well by coming to KY. That’s sad and the Twins could very well continue to hold back Willie, Dakari, Alex, Marcus, Karl, and Trey. The Twins shoot too much, pass to little, and don’t play defense. Despite all of Larry T.’s ranting and raving about the tournament runs, that was what cost them the SEC title game and the NCAA title game. Now go ahead Larry T., rant and rave about how we came in SECOND in both instances. It seems like you are so accustomed to losing, that you actually think it’s an accomplishment.

      1. King Ghidora

        Didn’t I read this post yesterday and a month ago on another board? And I never said a word about you criticizing people. I just think your opinions are dumber than dirt.

        Randle has only begun to develop his game. He never had to work hard in high school. Heck he was like that at UK until teams started doubling up on him or worse. No one player stopped him the entire year. I can’t say the same for others. And I did see him shoot some mid-range shots. You guys don’t seem to get that there’s this guy on the sidelines telling the players what to do. If he tells you not to shoot from outside then you have to listen or you don’t play. He wouldn’t let a guy named Davis shoot from the outside either. Now look what that guy does. Does Randle have 3 range? Heck no but he may develop it. But he can easily learn to make a 12-15 foot jumper. My high school’s coach said you didn’t deserve to play if you couldn’t make that shot. And he was a mighty good coach.

        But please, feel free to make yourself look like an idiot. It’s entertaining to a degree. Just don’t expect the sane people to not respond. It’s kinda like poking a bear with a stick. It’s just funny. Usually I’m more civilized but when dealing with a troll you don’t have to act humane. Trolls aren’t human.

      2. AndyP

        Saying Randle didn’t develop because he had to play with the twins is an absurd statement.

      3. PW

        Man I just had to post on here to let Barry know that his trolling has not gone unappreciated. It wasn’t very original, or very good, but you made an effort. I’ll give you a D overall.

        To say UK didn’t prepare Julius for the NBA is preposterous. I assume other schools do it better, like Duke playing Parker at center? It’s better for development to play guys out of position? Or look at how much Wiggins developed at Kansas…if you can discern that at all. Seriously!

    2. Larry T Clemons

      #4 to #7 is pretty sweet In My Book, Trublue…And like You suggest, possibly a better fit Team…Don’t be surprise if someone grabs Julius, because another Team wants him and has Trade Stock, (Players) that helps the Team with the Choice…And Young seems to be doing better than my #14 – #17 range. That would be wonderful…

  4. Anonymous

    Barry..you are full of S_ _T.

    1. Barry

      Maybe, but you kinda have to be to mess with someone as deranged as Larry T. Clemons, King G., and you.

      1. King Ghidora

        Gee you acted that way before I ever said a word to you. Don’t worry. I’ll find the right button to push eventually. I always do.

  5. Bigslap

    Barry, I have only needed to see a few of your comments to know that you are either a UL fan or a troll. Either way get a life.

    1. King Ghidora

      He’s a troll and he’s not really a good one. Trolls think better than he does as a general rule. He’s more of a malcontent. Never satisfied, would complain if he found a million bucks that it wasn’t 2 million. You know the type. Bitter. Hates life. A big hole in the middle that he can’t fill no matter how much hate he throws in it. He hates the fact he was born. So do the rest of us actually.

      1. King Ghidora

        I have to say I don’t hate it that he was born. I just hate what he became. But there’s hope for everyone. But his insults are lacking in intelligence. He would like to hang out on a pro board and act like a jerk but he can’t even stir the pot well here. His insult to facts ratio ir poor. No one wants to be on his team either. Too bad he wasn’t a one and done troll. We’d be relieved of him by now. He really needs to work on his game. He no doubt is looking for a job with the LHL but they have enough trolls on the payroll already.

  6. Phillip Barker

    “Though he lacks elite explosiveness/has slow feet”…WHAT? Whoever wrote that at Draft Express needs to put the pipe down.

  7. Catmandoo

    I hope Julius gets on a team that can let him develop slowly. He simply overpowered kids in college, there won’t be as many NBA 4s that he will be able to do that to. Developing a midrange game like Lemarcus Aldridge and working on his free throw shooting is a must. If he will pay his dues for a couple of years and works on filling the holes in his game, he will be able to be another Patrick Patterson type player and have a decent NBA career.

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