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Kentucky coach Mark Stoops on Bud Dupree’s development, leadership, versatility

Alvin "Bud" Dupree interviewed his Defensive End partner Za'Darius Smith at UK media days last year.

Alvin “Bud” Dupree interviewed his Defensive End partner Za’Darius Smith at UK media days last year.


Coach Mark Stoops had some interesting things to say about defensive end Bud Dupree after Monday’s practice:

Question: How much will defensive end Bud Dupree’s development and leadership impact the defense?
Stoops: “Bud’s a real key part. I’ve said it over and over. But he is. He’s a good football player with good instincts. He’s really done a nice job with the leadership role. It’s key for him to have a great year and to continue to lead us.”

Question: Have Dupree and Za’Darius Smith reached a point where they sort of max out improving personally and end up doing more mentoring of younger guys?
Stoops: “Oh, no, they definitely can get better – and are. With Bud, it’s his versatility and making sure he’s getting enough quality reps to continue to progress with his hand in the dirt as a great D-lineman and then being able to get him some snaps on his feet and doing some other things and being versatile with Bud. So that’s a matter of just keep on getting reps there.

“With Z, you can never get enough reps and you’re always getting better. Again, that’s why Pete Jenkins is in here. It’s something we take great pride in. It’s something we did at Florida State. The better you play up front, the better you’re going to be. It starts up there. I think Coach Brumbaugh does a great job of developing those guys and we’ve got a long way to go with some young guys, but that’s key for us.”

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  1. Todd

    This is the best I’ve felt about our dedense heading into the season since Micah, Braxton and Peters suited up.

  2. Larry Pup

    These two have to bring it this year. I’m looking forward to seeing some big time sacks from both of them.

  3. TrueBlueJohn

    What has me excited is the different vibes given out by the coaches as compared to last year. Last year, you had the sense that the coaches were trying to be positive to help the morale and enthusiasm of the team. This year, there is a different feel coming from both the coaches and the players. I am not predicting a major turnaround this fall, but I bet that we will see marked improvement. It is still an SEC schedule.

  4. Jim

    Let’s not forget the Offensive production was terrible last year. They have to score and convert on third down. When your punter is your most valuable player, you are not going to win many games. The O has to to get in gear and not put the burden on the D for every game.

  5. Ira


    I agree as well, just the tone this year is different. Bet it was a culture shock for Stoops and Elliot coming from FSU to UK last year. This year it’s improvement across the board. Guys gaining weight strength.

    Like everyone else looking forward to winning some games this upcoming season!

  6. TJ Wren

    We have some negative fans when it comes to Kentucky football. We play in the hardest conference in college football. And yes weve been at the bottom for the last couple of years. But the culture here is go to a 6-6 bowl and its success Mark Stoops is shooting for the top half of the SEC not just 6-6 bowls. A rinky dink bowl next year would go miles for the following year. Getting these Redshirt Freshman and sophomores a extra month of practice and a game will make for a possible 8-4, 9-3 year following next year. If he can keep signing better recruits than we are used to here. Then in 2-3 years we could be competing to play in a SEC championship. Football isnt basketball you cant sign 5 mcdonalds all americans and play for a national title it takes usually 2-3 years just to get YOUR players you’ve personally recruited all over the field. Mark Stoops is recruiting better than we ever have, and if he can find a way to have a great defense we’ll put points on the board. Are skill position players are very young. Freshman and Sophomores. Our defense is going to get better every year mark my words.

  7. TJ Wren

    Just wait till Patrick Towles is a Sr. and Drew Barker is a redshirt sophomore. Jo Jo Kemp is a senior and Ryan Timmons and Jeff Badets a senior. CHANGE IS ON THE WAY…BELIEVE IN STOOPS AND GIVE HIM TIME.

  8. Andy

    I thought by now Reese could be the guy going forward to let Barker red shirt and its a tad bit surprising that none of the qb’s have separated themselves unless the staff knows more than we do.

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