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37 football players had 3.0 GPA or higher

University of Kentucky football head coach Joker Phillips has released his team for Christmas break, giving the Wildcats until Dec. 29th to be with their friends and family for the holiday season.

Phillips said that he is not overly concerned about his team going back out of shape or condition but just wants his team to be careful during the holiday season.

“Be safe,” Phillips said of his hopes for the team during the break. “We have a four-day workout for them to do also. But we want them to be safe (while traveling) and also make sure that they do something to keep themselves into condition.”

The first-year head coach said that not only will his players have some time off but that he is going to take it easy as well, saying he would spend time with family and watch some football.

“I am just going to relax a little bit,” Phillips said. “We will have off until the 29th and I plan on just relaxing and watching some football and spending some time with the family.”

Phillips and the UK coaching staff received good news before breaking for the holidays, with fall semester grades looking good.

“We had 30 guys that made over 3.0 (grade point average) and seven that made 4.0,” Phillips said. “We are proud of that. We had 37 guys that were 3.0 or better.”

Kentucky practiced for two hours Wednesday morning before breaking for the holiday. The Wildcats will return to Lexington on Dec. 29 and resume practice on the 30th.

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  1. Tana

    Seven players’ having a perfect 4.0 average during the semester they’ve played football is very impressive, along with thirty additional players’ having 3.0 or above. Also, there’s one player’s average that makes me particularly happy, and that one, of course, belongs to Mister Cobble. Also, I commend both Coach Phillips and Coach Calipari for giving their players’ significant time to be with their families during the holidays — and am glad that the coaches will get to have some time with their own families. GO CATS! BEAT PITT!

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