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Click the photo above of Chad Scott to view a video of him talking about the backs.

Click the photo above of Chad Scott to view a video of him talking about the backs.


If running backs coach Chad Scott is right, senior running back Raymond Sanders could flourish in UK’s new offense.

Question: How has senior Raymond Sanders been as a leader for a newcomer like JoJo Kemp?
Scott: “The biggest thing Raymond has done for him is teaching him how to perform, how to study. We do a walk-through before every practice, so Raymond has done a great job of teaching him how to do just that  and about how fast to do it, but also doing it right. When we go live, he knows what is going on. That’s the biggest difference here. They didn’t do walk-throughs in high school, so everything he did was full speed. Ray has been a huge factor for him.”

Question: How much has Sanders’ leadership helped you?
Scott: “It has helped tremendously. All the older guys see that Ray being the player he is taking time to help the younger guys, so all the guys on offense want to do that. Also from a coaching standpoint, it shows you the confidence he has in his ability. He’s a competitor but he wants to help those guys become as talented as he is.”

Question: How well does Neal Brown’s offense fit Sanders’ skills?
Scott: “Perfectly. You will see Ray doing a lot of things with this offense. You will see him in the backfield. We will line him up out wide. You will see him do a lot because it fits him perfectly. I think you will see a whole different Ray Sanders this year.”

3 Responses to UK running backs coach Chad Scott believes fans will see a “whole different Raymond Sanders” this year

  • Larry Pup says:

    I sure hope Raymond has a special year. He has earned it.

  • Jim Harris says:

    I see some media folk asking which player will be the most improved this season. From the various staff comments, I have to think Ray is a prime candidate for that title.n

  • Ira says:

    Think a lot of fans are going to be pleasantly surprised on the 31st. Whole new team, different outlook. Exciting times in the Bluegrass


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