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Calipari always happy to be at draft with players and “changing” lives


Kyle Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal, who covers both UK football and basketball, was at the NBA Draft Thursday night and caught up with UK coach John Calipari.

Here’s one interesting question he posed to Calipari:

Is the NBA draft still bigger than the national championship you won?

Calipari: “You know, I’m happy we won the national title, but I’m also happy to be here. And let me just say this: If it’s winning trophies and accolades for yourself or changing the cycle of a family, what would you want? You would think (the latter) unless you say, ‘I’m a selfish dude and I really don’t care about anybody else except me; this is about me and how our team plays, bring it all back to me.’ Or if you’re about families, this is a big day.”

He also added that if “you are at Kentucky,” then the coach needs to win titles and produce draft picks both.

See more of Tucker’s daily work at http://blogs.courier-journal.com.

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  1. Kokamo Joe

    Here is another example of the outstanding PR that Calipari is able to produce. What better message could he send to future recruits than this? Come to UK and our goal will be to get you drafted. Trophies and accolades are good but changing the cycle of a family is where it is at. Now if you are at Kentukcy you can do both…win title and go pro. Assume you are a hot shot sophomore or junior. What better message could you get?

  2. grant

    could those recruits that are good enough to begin with go anywhere and play a year in college go pro? So is winning a title just a by product of helping a kid make a living in the pros. whats the priority here?

  3. Larry Pup

    I’m no fan of Kyle Tucker. I don’t like the way he covers UK. This to me is another attempt at a “gotcha question.” Coach gave the right answer.

  4. Gene T.

    Stupid Question! Anybody would like to win a title and go Pro. At Kentucky you have the chance at both. Come to UK have a great education, have fun on a wonderful campus in a great city where fans are great. Be a legend, and go make millions after a National Title. Kentucky is the only choice of the truly great ones.

  5. Kokamo Joe

    It was a logical and reasonable question. Calipari stated after his first draft that sending 5 players to the pros was “the greatest moment in UK history.” He also said this about the time that he was hired “I am here because I can recruit the best of the best. That is why I am here. We can get what we need, then, it’s changing the culture of the program.”

    He has done just that. Sending those five the first year send the message to the “best of the best” that he is about “kids first” and kids first means a slam bam…thank you mam culture which is great for the players, the University, and the BBN. The players get in and out fast which means big bucks soon, the University gets to be in the center of the national stage, and the fans get to follow recruiting year around, anticipate what is to come, and rejoice when the season has been a success….and the whole thing starts over each and every year…which keep the program fresh and interesting.

    So since Calipari made the statement and pipes out a variation of it and “kids first” at every opportunity, why should he not be asked about it? It simply gives him another chance to expound on his culture..

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