UK fans don’t let up on Dan Dakich


ESPN analyst Dan Dakich didn’t back down from the cheap shot he took at former Kentucky basketball player Derek Willis on Sunday, but was not quite as quick to engage UK fans today.

Dakich questioned why Willis — and other “broke” college athletes — could afford tattoos. That prompted a quick reply from Willis that he saved his financial aid money and his fiancee, Keely Potts, blasting Dakich for his arrogance.

Kentucky fans continued to blast Dakich on Twitter today — which is what he probably wanted.

Matt Walter: “Dackich is your classic, stereotypical bully. Can you imagine randomly lasting out at college kids? He must lead a miserable existence…”
Vaught’s response: If he doesn’t lead one, he should.

Bruce Simpson: “It appears Dan picked up some of Bobby Knight’s DNA. It has festered within him for years.”
Vaught’s response: True and remember he’s even ripped his old college coach in recent years.

E. Branden: “He made a broad statement without checking facts on the example”

Vaught’s response: Facts are optional for him.

Shannon Ragland: “Dakich made an ad hominem attack on me when I stood up for Derek, not as a UK fan, but because he’s a good person. A bad look for him.”
Vaught’s response: Not sure Dakich cares.

Here are a few of the responses I got on the LEX18TrueBlueFan Facebook page that I liked a lot.

Carla Weaver Pasqualini: “It is ridiculous to try to insult or criticize Derek or any other prior college player, like that guy did. He must have some emotional issues. He was rude & inappropriate. BBN loves Derek & all our prior players.”
Vaught’s response: Rude is his middle name — or should be.

Mick Murrell: “Dackich has as much class as the man who coached him in college. Narcissists are truly sad people.”
Vaught’s response: Preach it Mick.

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