Why not a patch on jersey to honor Cole Mosier?

Cole Mosier, left, is beloved by teammates. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Sometimes the best ideas are so simple. Or at least simple when a reader/UK fans makes the suggestion you wish you had thought of yourself.

Instead, it took Richard Cheeks, a long-time UK fan and vaughtsviews.com contributor, to come up with this idea after senior offensive lineman Cole Mosier went down with a season-ending knee injury.

“I read on Twitter that Cole’s teammates have commented about what he meant to the team,” Cheeks said after the injury. “I would like to suggest a small patch for the jersey with Cole’s number as a reminder of his contributions to this team.”

See. Simple but sweet.

Granted I have no idea about NCAA or SEC regulations. I have no idea if Kentucky has a rule about adding a patch to a jersey.

But it is a great idea. Mosier went from a small-school walk-on from Walton-Verona to a scholarship player to a starting left tackle in the Southeastern Conference to a possible NFL player.

On top of that, as Cheeks noted, teammates loved him for his work ethic and consistency. He didn’t seek the spotlight. He just played and wanted to win.

This would be a great way to honor him and hopefully UK can find a way to implement Cheeks’ idea.

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  1. Love this idea! I remember when he walked on. I remember thinking with that size why not, but he had the heart to work hard and become a starter. Good Luck Cole in whatever you do. GO CATS!!!

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