Stoops: Cats have to be strong up front

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops — and UK’s defensive coaches — have not been shy about insisting that the run defense has to improve this season. Kentucky fans certainly have made it clear they totally agree.

So how does the run defense get better?

“We’ve got to be fundamental and strong up front. We were for the most part today,” Stoops said after Saturday’s scrimmage. “We got cut out on one run. I think the offense does a nice job, they spread us out and they cut us off at one spot and it was a big run. Outside of that it wasn’t just driving on us.

“I felt much better about just the play in and play out of getting them in some longer situations. What else you talked about was fundamental, but obviously just executing offensively and defensively. We have a lot in on both sides of the ball. Being able to execute that, that’s why we need the time.

“Being able to put it all together, even in a scrimmage sometimes, it’s hard to get all the looks that you want to, all the offense and all the defense that you’re going to need throughout the course of a year.”

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  1. The defensive line play will define our season. It is a little surprising that Stoops and staff haven’t brought in and developed a little more talent here. I just read that Mt. Elam only had 9 tackles last year. A legitimate 2* should have more than that and certainly an illegitimate 5* should have more than that. TG he is a senior and appears ready to wear the label of one of the biggest busts ever at UK I had heard that he did send his resume to Pillsbury and they are giving him serious consideration.

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