Marvin Bagley’s commitment vaults Duke to No. 1 in preseason rankings


It came as no real surprise when Marvin Bagley III not only reclassified to the 2017 recruiting class during an appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter Monday night, but also verbally committed to Duke.

The Blue Devils already had a loaded recruiting class that will now probably be ranked No. 1 over Kentucky. The Blue Devils already have had their odds for winning the national title reduced from 10-1 to 9-1 with the addition of the 6-11 Bagley, whp picked Duke over UCLA, USC and Arizona.

Bagley  averaged 24.6 points and 10.1 rebounds last season at Sierra Canyon (Calif.) and one time was thought to be a likely UK commit in 2018.

Now Bagley or Missouri freshman Michael Porter would be the top candidates for the No. 1 pick in the 2018 draft.



  1. How come is it that Coach K is not ruining college basketball by taking advantage of the one and done, but Cal is?

  2. Cal started the game of “one and done” but it appears he may be no better than #2 now. It appears that Coach K now owns him. I just can’t immagine these studs wanting to coach for that weasel and play in the cracker box.

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