Lamar Thomas: “I want long touchdown runs.”

Lamar Thomas (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky has five freshman receivers, including Lynn Bowden and Clevan Thomas Jr., who would like to be able to play and contribute this season.

To do so, they obviously have to know their routes. But they also have to be able to block or receivers coach Lamar Thomas will not use them.

So who is the best blocker among the receivers? Who is the toughest guy?

“I would say all of them,” Thomas said. “They have to be. We ask them not only to run routes and catch balls, but to be part of our run game. We have so many run-pass options where they can get the ball on the run play.

“They understand it is important for our success for them to block. I always tell them big plays happen because of us. Long touchdown runs happen because of us. I don’t want big plays. I want long touchdown runs. Do your job. Get the guy in the end zone.”

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  1. Long TD runs, and long TD passes, and KO returns for TDs, and punt returns for TDs are always fun, exciting, and have an important place in a football game. However, the key to winning, IMO, is an offense that can grind out 60, 70, and 80 yard drives ending with a TD. The ability to do that 2 or 3 times a game will go a long way toward a successful football season.

    First, it controls the clock. Second, it keeps the UK defense on the sidelines resting, and third, the opponent cannot score if it does not have the ball. Give me a team that makes first downs, moves the chains, and keeps the clock moving at the same time.

    Yes, an occasional quick score from a long strike is nice, but will not sustain winning over the long haul.

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