Freshman receivers pushing for playing time

Lynn Bowden


Kentucky has a lot of returning receivers, but offensive coordinator Eddie Gran likes what he’s been seeing from several true freshman receivers this moth.

“I think the young receivers are making a push. They’re pushing the older guys. I think we’ve got three or four guys right now that have a chance to get on the plane (for the opening game at Southern Mississippi),” Gran said.

“This next scrimmage will be huge for them, to see how they react. All the offense is in. We’re not adding anything right now. We’ll see this Saturday with those guys to see if they’re going to be guys that can help contribute.”

Gran knows some of them will. He’s just not sure if it will be game one or later in the season when depth becomes a huge deal. He lists Isaiah Epps, Josh Ali, Clevan Thomas, Lynn Bowden or JaVonte Richardson could all play and help.

“I think all of them are making a push. We’re not going to be able to play them all but we’ll see again after this next weekend,” Gran said.

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