Stoops: Players, fans deserved win over Louisville

Mark Stoops enjoyed the win over Louisville. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops seldom pulls punches when he answers questions with the media and he certainly did not during his appearance at the SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., Wednesday.

He had to anticipate that he would be asked what impact the win over Louisville last season had been like for his team … and he was ready.

“Positive momentum. It was very important. I make no bones about that. We talked about it. We needed to get better as a program to put ourselves in a position to win that game,” said Stoops. “Ironically, if you look at the two games prior to this past year, we were in a better position to win the game and couldn’t finish it, couldn’t win the game.

“Last year is a little bit of a reversal. So, it’s a rivalry game. We have great respect for Louisville, but we’re getting better. It’s important — that win was important to our fan base. Our fan base has been patient to some extent, but they’ve — you know, they’ve waited a long time. And I take great pride in being the head coach at the University of Kentucky. I take great pride in trying to deliver for our fan base that has been starving for a successful, consistent football team for a long time.

“I think they respect the process in which we’re going about it right now, but a win like that certainly helps for our fan base. I know it helps for our players. Our players deserve it. They’ve worked extremely hard. They paid the price. We put ourselves in a position to win that game and the ball bounced our way that day, and we’re going to continue to get better.”


  1. About time the ball bounced our way! Most of the time you have to make things happen, and we UK did!!!! We have to keep improving and that always makes things easier to bounce our way. Love the direction Coach Stoops has our program going. GO CAT!!!

  2. I can almost hear Nick Saban in the background. “It’s a process.” Very few fans truly understand that the way you build a wall is one brick at a time. Due to when a coach is hired, the first recruiting class doesn’t have your stamp on it, you are mainly trying to hold on to the previous staff’s recruits. It is the second and third class where you begin to make headway, and you have to wait for those kids to mature. Right now, this is for the most part Stoops’s team. And you know what, they look like SEC players.

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