J.B. Holmes says he “just didn’t play that bad”

Here is what Kentuckian J.B. Holmes had to say after shooting an even par 72 in Saturday’s third round of the U.S. Open to leave him at 6-under par going into the final round:

Q. Just talk a little bit about your round and the thought process that went into it. Do you think six shots is going to be reachable, maybe?
J.B. HOLMES: Usually when you shoot even in a U.S. Open and you’re one off the lead, you’re not six down afterwards. So definitely left some out there today. Could have played a little better, but made some good scrappy pars. Just didn’t play that bad, just got in a few spots today where I had some good shots and didn’t turn out the way I wanted to. It is what it is.

We’ll see. Somebody shot 9-under today. So if that’s out there, you never know, depending on the conditions. If it’s nice like this again, then maybe, but it will take a low round, because guys are playing well out there.

Q. Say the wind comes up, what does that do to the leaderboard?
J.B. HOLMES: If the wind picks up, a lot of stuff can happen, you never know. If the wind comes up then maybe I shoot — you can throw a 5-under and that could win, so you never know. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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