UK fan ‘smart enough’ not to listen to Clay Travis’ radio show again

Malik Monk scores against North Carolina. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Radio talk show host Clay Travis (Out Kick the Coverage) recently said that the “UK fan base had the lowest IQ of any fan base in the country” based on the reaction of some Kentucky fans to official John HIggins after UK’s loss to North Carolina.

“He was commenting on how over the top some of our fans had been. He really slammed our fans, Tom Leach & the University … pretty ugly and condescending,” said UK fan David White of Graefenburg.

White sent this email to Travis because of what he said on the air:

“I recently found your morning radio show and found it to be an entertaining alternative to other sports radio shows. Like most UK fans, I am embarrassed about the behavior of a few toward referee John Higgins.   Although I cannot dispute some of the statements you made about our fan base, your depiction of UK fans having the ‘lowest IQ of any other group’ was quite arrogant and disappointing.  

“I guess I’m just one of those dumb UK fans too, but I am smart enough to never listen to your show again.”


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  1. Someone should point him to a few of the calls made in that game. It was horrendous. The game was decided before the tip off.

  2. The FIX is in. The FIX was in against Arkansas. The FIX was in against Kentucky. The FIX was in against Oregon.

    On Monday, the NCAA and the UNCCHeaters will complete their mission.

  3. Sure seems like it Professor! Some of the worst calls by refs I have seen. I try not to make a big deal of the refs, but this was some of the worst I have seen!!!! North Carolina was handed this Championship. May or may not watch much of the game tonight. We know NC will get all the calls. ACC/Duke couldn’t win other games, so had to have NC win it it all. Most disgusting tourney I can remember! North carolina should be on probation anyway. I have lost even more respect for the NCAA!

  4. GeneT, to lose something, you have to have had it in the first place.

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