Stoops on Gilliam, Griffin, Pringle, Watson


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops is not one to talk a lot about specific players, especially during spring practice. However, after Saturday’s scrimmage he did discuss several defensive

Jordan Griffin. (Vicky Graff Photo)


On Tobias Gilliam: “He did have a good day. What he is, he’s a hard working guy. It’s important to him. He tries to do his very best. Again, just like any of these guys, experience is a factor. The more you do. Sometimes he looks real good and sometimes not so good.”

On Jordan Griffin: “We’re overloading him right now. To his credit he handles it very well. Playing that nickel position, you’ve heard me talk about it through the years, there’s a lot to it. He’s playing corner. But I have a lot of confidence in him. He’s a guy that has an unbelievable work ethic. Just a quality kid and he’s very talented. But things that happen in there, it is experience. It’s trial and error at that position. He needs a lot of reps and he’s been getting it.”

On Jamar Watson playing well in the scrimmage: “We can’t play enough for those guys. Just Jordan Bonner, Jamar, we need a bunch of reps. Those guys, just experience, just playing. Good body types, good looking guys. They just need to get some reps.”

On Naquez Pringle giving the energy they need: “He’s doing some good things. Both him and Matt (Elam) need to continue to pick it up. We need more production out of the nose. We’re pushing those guys to play better.”

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