Snell has passion, but Gran wants him to control that passion better

Benny Snell (Keith Taylor Photo)


Sophomore running back Benny Snell is competitive. Maybe even a little too competitive at times in practice when he gets tackled and lets a teammate know he did not like it.

“As a freshman when you come in, he’s trying to learn the offense and feel his way through things and learn his role. Now, he’s a big part of our offense, and he has that confidence. But you see his mentality coming out more now. At times I have to reason with him. He gets frustrated when he gets tackled,” Stoops said.

“He’s going to get tackled, bt you love that. Like I’ve said before, you’d rather say whoa than giddy up. So, he has a motor, he’s competitive and wants to make big plays. But he’s not opposed to putting his nose down and making a tough two to three yards either.”

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran calls Snell a “passionate football player” but that has to have limits.

“Not a lot of people have as much passion, but he’s got to learn to control that. He and I talked about it. Had a great week last week of him – our defense is really working on thudding you up and we’re not tackling, but we’re getting after you in practice. The defense is doing a great job doing that and he’s learning now to run through and don’t worry about it,” Gran said.

“Don’t turn back and say something. Just quit running your mouth. He had a great week doing that and then he gets in a scrimmage type deal and you got to learn to control that passion, and that’s what coach is trying to get everybody to. But I think he’ll get there, for sure.”

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