Roy Williams emphasizes again that “we did nothing wrong” despite academic accusations

Roy Williams (Vicky Graff Photo)

Just in case you missed these postgame comments from  North Carolina coach Roy Williams about the academic fraud allegations at North Carolina after his team beat Gonzaga to win the national title Monday night.

Q. You alluded to it a little bit the last three, four years, what it’s been like for you. What has it been like to you? And what does this mean to you because of everything you’ve had to go through?
COACH WILLIAMS: I wish it got no attention here, because this should be about the kids. I wish it got no attention. But I know it’s out there. But the last three or four years have been very hard. I told you, people have questioned my integrity, and that means more to me than anything.

I know that we did nothing wrong. I know that I did nothing wrong. I’ve been investigated 77 times, it seems like. And everybody came to that conclusion. But there were some mistakes made at my university that I’m not happy about either.

But there’s also, it always says for little or no work, and that’s not true, or that for classes that weren’t classes, and that’s not — they were taught differently. And whether I approve of it or not it makes no difference. But it’s been there.

It’s been harder to recruit. We’ve lost about everybody that we tried because the sensationalism of the newspapers. I mean, I had to start defending myself four years ago. And I used to say that I hoped that it was over with before I retired. Now I’m saying I hope it’s over with before I die. So I’m not that happy about that part of it.

But your question yesterday whenever it was, there’s nothing good about this. Because I didn’t understand the question. There’s nothing that this has caused guys to stay. I mean, they stayed because they trusted us. They stayed because they loved the University of North Carolina. We didn’t get a lot of guys we wanted to get.

But you know what? We played on the last Monday night last year and we got beat because another team made a better play. We played on the last Monday night this year. And to me that’s a great deal of credit goes to those kids, because they realized they did nothing wrong. I think it was Dennis that asked the question last night, but the rules are that we were playing. Whenever the decision is made and whatever they do, everybody’s gotta live with.

But this team that I had last year and this year’s had nothing to do with that. And the things that have been put in the paper have been very harmful and very hurtful. But that’s what it is. Let’s please, I’m not telling you what questions to ask. I’ll answer any dadgum question you want. But please I would like you try to focus on what with these kids have accomplished instead of something that somebody did 24 years ago.


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  1. Poor Roy. Can’t seem to see reality. However, he and his cohorts at UNCCHeaters seem to have successfully convinced the NCAA that there is no there, there.

  2. They probably should change the name of the NCAA to the UNCAA, for the way that they protect them. It doesn’t really matter what UNC or Duke do, they will be protected.


    Check it out. It seems that the President of the University of Maryland sees the UNCCHeater’s situation as most around the country do, one of the most corrupt cases of academic fraud in history, worthy of the NCAA Death Penalty.

    However, it is abundantly clear that the NCAA will never punish their fair haired child, UNCCHeaters (or Duke) for anything at any time. I think that the University of Maryland’s President spoke candidly and honestly, but if I were the basketball coach at Maryland, and be bracing for stiff reprisals from the NCAA, and who knows, this is so serious that the NCAA may even come after John Calipari and UK again, and forever true, watch out Cleveland State!

    1. Nothing is going to happen to UNC, sad to say. With the NCAA involved in a cover up, it seems, or at least slow walking this, it appears to be a rigged system. How many years has the NCAA had to get this matter resolved, 2011 to 2017? Two UNC faculty members in charge of the fake classes forced to resign, HUMMM? For all other Universities that are compliant with NCAA rules, and play by those rules, it is a hard pill to swallow. So much cheating by a school like UNC goes unpunished for so long, yet they get rewarded by more time….more time. All University Presidents like the President of Maryland should begin to speak up.

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