Marcus Lee, UK cheerleader Whitney Agee have special friendship

Marcus Lee hugs Whitney Agee after the 2016 SEC tourney title game.


They were the perfect Odd Couple for three years at Kentucky — and still are even though they are miles apart now.

Kentucky senior cheerleader Whitney Agee of Huntington, W.Va., and former UK basketball player Marcus Lee of California met their freshman year at UK and a friendship evolved that neither could have ever anticipated.

“We shared some classes together freshman year and started talking as friends,” Lee said. “We were just trying to get through the classes. That is how we first met.”

Agee, who was part of another national championship this season, says an argument actually helped the friendship start.

“We actually became best friends over an argument the end of our freshman year about whether you should say ‘Bless you’ after every time someone sneezes or not and the rest is history,” she said.

Lee transferred to California after his junior season and sat out this season. That got him back closer to his family and also gave him a year to improve his skills.

Agee didn’t want him to go, but the two still talk almost every day.

“I pretty much talk to her every day,” Lee said. “We tell each other everything that happens throughout the day. I still know everything that goes on at Kentucky.

“I think our friendship may have actually grown stronger since I left. It did suck leaving. One of the hardest things I had to do was tell her I was transferring. It was a rough last month (at UK) before I left because I was going to be separated from my best friend.”

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