Matt House on UK’s defense

Linebacker Kash Daniel covers Dorian Baker. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Defensive coordinator Matt House had this to say after Friday’s Blue-White Game.

On his opinion on the defense …
“I think those guys up front – we didn’t start the first drive the way we wanted to with the blue team – and I think they started to answer the ball up front. And it all starts up there. If you’re going to have a good defense, you have to have the mentality up there, and I thought they did a better job as the scrimmage went on.”

On the two-hand touch sacks and if it takes away from what Stephen (Johnson) is able to do to some defenses …
“Sure it is. No question. That’s the one thing – you want to take care of your quarterback, but in a real game, who knows if those are sacks? Because you still have to make a play on a really good quarterback, and as we all know, Stephen is a great athlete. But the thing that I like to see is guys were getting off blocks and they were applying pressure and you saw the pocket collapse.”

On calling the shots on defense …
“It felt good. It’s my first time doing it here, but it’s not my first time doing it. It’s really my fourth year in that spot, so it was good, but it was fun.”

On questions moving forward …
“I think we just have to keep going. Our depth needs to continue to improve. We need to continue to develop more depth in the secondary, more depth up front, and I think it’s a process. But I agree with Coach (Stoops) that we have a solid nucleus and have guys in the right spots.”


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  1. Very enjoyable game to watch last night. Stevie a little shaky, but he knows that and has already proven himself. Hoak very impressive, skillful, and confident. I think we have four good quarterbacks. Both lines performed very well, and many of the young guys also helped themselves. It looks like we have three great running backs, and we can only hope they avoid any serious injury. It also looks like we will get the same contribution from Mt. Elam that we have gotten past 2 yrs….still hard to believe he came in as a 4*..too much time in buffet line and not enough in weight room.

  2. Be so kind as to get coach houses and name correct it’s Matt house not Jeff house

    1. Thanks. I keep confusing him with the former UK women’s assistant coach

  3. I love ya for years Larry! Keep bringing what you do!
    Go Big, Go Blue!!

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