Jamie Vaught okay after being stabbed, attacked by ‘skilled Marine’

Jamie Vaught


When I got a message from SEC Network football analyst Cole Cubelic today asking if I was okay, it shocked me before I read that he wanted to know if I was “related to the Jamie Vaught who was attacked?”

What? Jamie Vaught attacked.

No way.

Jamie is a sports writer and photographer who lives in Middlesboro. I think it would be impossible to find anyone who doesn’t like him and he’s been part of the UK sports scene for years with his freelance work in various publications and websites. He is also a professor at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College.

But a few days ago his dog started barking around 4:30 a.m. Jamie went to the front door to see why the dog was barking. He opened the door and was stabbed three times in the neck and chest by a male suspect. The two struggled before the suspect fled.

The Middlesboro Daily News reported that Jamie was attacked by a “skilled Marine” according to what was reported on WRIL-FM in Middlesboro.

Jamie posted on Twitter that he’s fine now and thanked those who checked on him. He’s back working apparently also.

But I still can’t quite picture little kind Jamie struggling with a “skilled Marine” and being stabbed three times. Thankfully he only needed a few stitches but from now on there is no doubt about who is the toughest guy in the UK media contingent. Former UK quarterback Freddie Maggard has dropped to No. 2.


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  1. BBN nation pray for him and thank the lord he’s ok. I know this isn’t place to say something but I hate to see my grandson living in a world of hatred and other stuff going on now a days.

    1. I think most of us would agree with you Cats, I have 11 grandkids ranging in age from 8 to 23 years and the future for them is shall we say “challenging”..

  2. I hated to hear that about Jamie. I follow him on Facebook because he posts such good articles about UK sports. I can tell that he’s a very nice person – so hard to believe that happened to him. Praying for his future good health and safety.

  3. Glad he is OK!! GO CATS!!!

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