Guest post: ‘Kentucky Boys Tour’ should be a must see for all UK fans


Attention BBN: You have an opportunity to add an unforgettable memory to the Big Blue Nation scrapbook. Derek Willis and Dominique Hawkins are conducting autograph signings in Kentucky. Pro Player Solutions representsDominique and Derek. Pro Player Solutions insures every Kentucky fan has the best experience at an autograph signing. They are truly an athlete and fan first representation company.


In the interview I conducted with Willis in Pikeville he mentioned “fan favorites.” Those are two words I would use to describe Willis and Hawkins. I know the BBN would agree because I immediately received that impression from fans who were at the signing.

The fans embraced them with open arms, thanked them for their time spent at Kentucky and wished them good luck in their future endeavors. 

The name of Willis and Hawkins autograph signing tour is the “Kentucky Boys Tour.” Willis and Hawkins are the two players all Kentucky fans cheer for because they lived the dream every Kentucky fan dreams about…

Willis and Hawkins put on the Kentucky jersey and had pride while doing it. Now the BBN will put on their jerseys and display the same pride of two kids from Kentucky who lived their dreams.

Next: Young’s interviews with Willis and Hawkins.

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  1. Two Kentucky kids who played four years, and were a very vital part of the success. Wish them both luck at whatever they wish to accomplish in life. GO CATS!!!

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