Gran on UK offense: “We’ve got a chance to be really, really special.”

Eddie Gran (Vicky Graff Photo)


Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran never minces words. He just tells it like it is and doesn’t worry about pampering anyone — and I love that.

Tuesday he talked about telling players the importance of not wasting a single spring practice.

“You can have a habit of doing that when you get into 10,11,12,13 (practice). They came out with some enthusiasm. We had one lull in the practice where (defense) got us a little bit but then after that I thought they competed,” Gran said.

“What we really talk about now is getting better and detailing this offense. I told them if we do not make the routine plays, throw and catch when you’re supposed to throw and catch and take the perfect step up front, block when you’re supposed to block, it sounds simple but we’re not doing that all the time.

“When we do that we’ve got a chance to be really, really special. But we’re not doing that. When we have to throw a hitch and the guy is wide open and we drop it, or we throw it too fast, it’s not on time. Somebody breaks down, we’re not going to be successful.

“We’ve got enough players to make plays, and we did that on Saturday (in a scrimmage). The big plays will come. Now it’s about us being consistent and being able to make the routine plays. That’s what we did today.”

I immediately wondered what Gran meant about UK maybe being “really, really special on offense.” So I asked him — and did not exactly get the answer I expected.

“Special is doing everything right all the time with our standard of playing with unbelievable effort. Then you’ll have a chance. If you do all the little things right the big things will come. The standard is everyday of practice when the ball is thrown, we’re sprinting. We’re going to be physical. We’re going to run and everybody is going to cover,” Gran said.

“That’s what’s happening right now. We’re making some progress. For you to be special, you’ve gotta strive for perfection every day knowing you’re not going to get there, but we’re certainly going to try.”


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