Benny Snell getting better at understanding the entire offense

Benny Snell (Keith Taylor Photo)


While offensive coordinator Eddie Gran has not been happy with his offense at times this season, he believes the offense has been consistently running the ball well going into Friday night’s Blue-White Game.

“After a year being in this offense we’re now making calls faster. Not so many mental errors, and that’s what I was really looking for this spring. Really being more technique is a cliché, but we have to,” Gran said Tuesday.

Gran said the running game did what it had to do last year to win games.

“As we continue to evolve in this offense, our quarterbacks evolve and our receivers evolve, there’s going to be games where we throw the ball more. Last year for a few games we didn’t. We had to kinda ease into that,” Gran said.

“Then we became a little bit more of a pound, play-action team. As we get better in dropback pass and Stephen(Johnson) is getting better, Drew (Barker) is getting better, Gunnar Hoak is getting better. We’re competing and we’re getting better at all those positions. Hopefully this offense will be better.”

Freshman running back Benny Snell was a big plus — and surprise — last season when he went over 1,000 yards rushing. Gran said Snell is getting closer to understanding the entire offense better this season.

“He’s listening. He’s not there yet. But I do love that when he makes a mistake usually it doesn’t happen again. That’s really good, especially for a young player. He does. He really gets it,” Gran said.

“I’ll ask questions and our guys have to talk in meetings. So I’ll ask him ‘What’s the quarterback looking at right now?’ They better see the rotation and understand where the protection is going. I think he’s getting a lot better at it. He is getting it.”


  1. This is the year we vie for the SEC East title. This team rocks.

    1. Would love to see it Norman. They (UK) have some big pieces of the puzzle for sure. I think House is going to be a good DC too from what I am seeing.

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