Wichita State used to “short end of the stick” with NCAA Tournament seedings


Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall was not thrilled that his team, with 30 wins, was a 10 seed in the NCAA Tournament. It opens play against Dayton Friday in Indianapolis and if it wins could play Kentucky Sunday in Indianapolis.

Kentucky coach John Calipari praised the job the selection committee did this year during his press conference Thursday.

“I’ll defer to Cal on that. They’re probably more likely to talk to him about seeding and where he wants seeds to be than they would to me. They don’t call me and ask me anything. They probably don’t care that I disagree with the seedings,” Marshall said.

“It’s a great tournament. I’m kind of used to the short end of the stick, if you will, on the seedings. But that being said, we usually wear the dark uniforms, and we’ve won nine games in the last four years. We’re going to play great teams in this tournament regardless of where they seed you. I’ve enjoyed watching the games today, and there’s been some great games with lower seeds either coming close to winning or winning.

“We know we’ve got a challenge tomorrow. The seeds could easily be flip-flopped. Still you’re playing a great team and a well-coached team and a team with veterans and seniors. They’ve had their success in the NCAA tournament as well. It should be a tremendous game. Whoever wins gets the winner of Kentucky/Northern Kentucky.”


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  1. It’s my understanding the reason Wichita.st got a 10 seed because of there lackluster schedule. That’s nothing but the coaches and AD fault he shouldn’t be whining due the fact you got to play somebody regardless.

    1. I wouldn’t be trashing their record to much, WSU still had 30 wins against 4 losses, so the coach has a point IMO. I’m not real confident right now with the bracket UK finds themselves in either. UK may have to face UNC and UCLA going forward, so that’s not an easy road to Memphis the way this team has played this year, at times. Throw Arkansas in there too and they could be a problem should they advance. Hard to beat a team three times in one season. There is bad blood there too.

      1. Gotta play them sooner or later Larry!

        1. You are right, provided UK advances, but UK, UNC and UCLA all in the same region, come on Cats79. You know that was on purpose even if Mitch Barnhart was part of it..

      2. I am currently watching Dayton and WSU in 2nd half. If we do advance tonight neither of the 2 teams would be an easy out with the way we have been playing lately. Hope the Cats come out fired up and take it to the Norse early and often. Curious to see their mindset at tip off.

  2. The Committee may say it is Wichita State’s week schedule, but what are the facts?

    Team SOS Off Eff Def Eff Net Eff
    A -0.0028 1.183 0.928 0.255
    B 0.0065 1.179 0.898 0.281
    C 0.0979 1.190 0.904 0.287
    D 0.0061 1.196 0.860 0.336
    E 0.1397 1.239 1.006 0.234


    Which of these 5 teams, each of which is in the field, deserved the 10 seed, if any do? One of these teams is Wichita State. Two of these 5 teams got a 10 seed, 1 a 7 seed, a 2 seed and 1 a 1 seed. Just copy and paste the list of seed numbers and type the Team letter next to the number. I will post the answer to this test later in the thread if anyone cares to play along.

  3. A little help for the quiz. The table below shows the 16 seeds with the average SOS and average ANE of the teams getting those seeds this year.
    1 0.0875 0.307
    2 0.102 0.268
    3 0.082 0.249
    4 0.100 0.267
    5 0.112 0.238
    6 0.058 0.216
    7 0.053 0.211
    8 0.086 0.194
    9 0.101 0.152
    10 0.068 0.217
    11 0.082 0.155
    12 -0.006 0.135
    13 -0.045 0.090
    14 -0.039 0.043
    15 -0.038 0.005
    16 -0.065 -0.033

  4. Mea Cupla, I do not know which of these teams will manage to not lose this game between Dayton and Wichita State, but all my arguing about Wichita State’s merits was misplaced completely. I do not care which of these teams the Cats face on Sunday, only that the Cats play their game, get away from Indy with the win without injury.

    Sorry for all the above ranting on behalf of the Shockers.

  5. 1 = D
    2= C
    7= A
    10= B
    10= E

    Don’t beat yourself up too much, Profesdor. Wichita State certainly deserved a much better seed! WVA & Wisc & OK St were slighted as well. AZ. did not deserve a 2.

    I could not stand all of the talking heads discussion that Puke should be a one. They should have been a 3. NCAA always talked about a teams.”body of work” but then they ignore the statistical results for the season. Did not do much good to have Barnhart on the committee.

    Thanks for all of your analysis. I always enjoy reading your work. Today’s prediction will be interesting??

  6. I’m guessing that none of these teams deserved a 10 or even a 7.
    We do have a tough route to Final 4.
    Kansas was over seeded as well.
    We are past complaining. – it is what it is.
    Got to bring A game every day now.
    Don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely love this time of year.

  7. 1=D Gonzaga
    2=C Kentucky
    7=A Saint Marys
    10=B Wichita State
    10=E Oklahoma State

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