Wichita State has seen Kentucky play, knows how good Cats are

Wichita State beat Dayton tonight and will play Kentucky Sunday if the Wildcats beat Northern Kentucky tonight. Wichita State players and coach Greg Marshall had a few immediate thoughts on UK after their win.

Q. For Zach and Landry, it’s hypothetical at this point because they’re playing now. If you get a chance to face Kentucky, what would it take to beat a team like that?
ZACH BROWN: It’s going to take a lot. It’s going to take a lot. We’ve definitely seen them play. Everybody’s seen Kentucky play this year. They have guys that can take you off the bounce at any time. They’re really good. They’re really good defensively, and they get out in transition so we’re really going to have to get back — it’s going to be a grind. It really is. They’re not going to back down, just like we’re not. It’s going to be a classic game. We’re all excited for it. We can’t wait.

Q. To follow up on the question for Zach and coach, we talked about this yesterday, Coach, Kentucky is obviously known for producing NBA guys. Your Final Four team from a few years ago produced three NBA players. What’s the difference in philosophy between you and Cal and how you’re getting these guys that get to the NBA and maybe Zach or one of the players can answer that as well?
COACH MARSHALL: Well, the guys that they bring in are a little more ready made for the NBA with the size, athleticism, and he gets them better, and he gets them prepared for the NBA as well as anyone.

Ours take a little more time in the incubator and developing and working with them and developing their bodies and their skill-set and teaching them to play angry.

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how you get there. As you mentioned, we’ve had four, five in the last couple years, and we’ve got a couple more on this roster. You may not know it yet, but you will in a couple of years because we’ve got no seniors.

Our guys don’t normally do it in one year or two years. They do it in four years.

ZACH BROWN: I don’t know. You know, Kentucky produces NBA players. Everybody knows that. Wichita State guys like Ron, Fred, Tekele like I said before, we’re shooting at 300. It came from hard work, great coaching.

I see those guys when I was a freshman, and even last year, I saw Ron and Fred constantly working, Tekele constantly working in the gym before me 6:00 in the morning, you know.

Like you would think that all these guys are really talented and a lot of people are, but it’s really just a grind. They’d be in the gym just as much as we are. And they’re getting better just like we are, so I would say just with that.

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  1. I like that Marshall likes to teach his players to play angry. That is something that we don’t have on our team and apparently doesn’t fit in Cal’s philosophy.

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