House wants to see physical play

Jeff House (Larry Vaught Photo)


New Kentucky defensive coordinator Jeff House knows exactly what he wants to see in Saturday’s scrimmage.

“No. 1, we want to play more physical. We’ve got to play better first and second down defense. That’s something that’s been a huge point of emphasis for us and we must improve on. That comes with stopping the run, leveraging the football and tackling,” House said after Thursday’s practice.

He hopes to use as many as nine defensive linemen Saturday.

“That’s the great thing about spring. Today was practice five, so we’re a third of the way through spring and now with the new rule, I don’t know how many training camp practices we’ve got. But we’re on the tip of the iceberg,” House said.

“So right now it’s all about competition for anybody. And certainly don’t want to start limiting down the pool this early. You want to really build it and expand it.”

T.J. Carter and Kordell Looney are two of the young defensive linemen that House hopes to see emerge this spring.

“It’s been fun to watch. Certainly looking forward to see what they’ll do going forward,” House said. “Both of those guys are athletic kids. They’re big guys that can move. They just have to continue to learn how to play.”

House said it’s too early to say if anyone has surprised him.

“I’ll tell you that as we get further in. I think you need — I really do think you need a couple scrimmages to really evaluate that. There’s guys who have flashed certainly, but again, playing the game when the coaches are off the field is a lot different than an organized team period,” House said.


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