Georgia wants to finish against Kentucky Friday

Here is what Georgia seniors J.J. Frazier and Yante Maten had to say after Thursday’s win over Tennessee puts them in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals against Kentucky Friday afternoon:

Q J.J. and Yante, you played Kentucky twice this year close, took them to overtime in Lexington. What sort of confidence does that give you going into tomorrow’s game against Kentucky?

J.J. FRAZIER: The previous matchups are totally different from now. We got to go back and watch them and prepare, you know, because we have a different team since Yante been out a couple games. Got to go back and prepare and see what we got to do.

YANTE MATEN: Just treat it like the next game. We have to win the next game and, you know, we got to come out and play strong, play to our advantages, and play good basketball throughout the whole game, because we came out strong the past couple of times, and we didn’t finish the best, but we’re going to come out.

Q Yante, was there any rust you feel like you had to knock off early in the game, and how did you feel when you went through the motions?

YANTE MATEN: A little bit. Not so much for my teammates. I still know their tendencies. My rust personally I did have to knock off a little bit, yeah.

Q J.J, 8 of your points came down the stretch after Tennessee took the lead with about seven minutes to go. What was your mindset when — after you saw Tennessee take that lead there?

J.J. FRAZIER: What was my mindset? Not to lose. Do what I can to get a win. There was crowding me a little bit, trying to take away from my jumper. So had to make an adjustment and try to get to the rim a little more in the second half, especially late in the game.

Q Yante, how important did you feel that it was to be able to produce early on and continue that throughout the game?

YANTE MATEN: I think it was pretty important. I always try to do my best to play within myself, not try to do too much that I don’t normally do. So I just try to stick to the paint in this game.

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