Georgia needs a new plan against UK

Question: Mark, the first two games with Kentucky, how well you guys played or how close the games were, how does that factor in in terms of team’s mindset with this matchup, and have you had a chance to watch Kentucky down the stretch of the regular season much?

GEORGIA COACH MARK FOX: “I don’t think I’ve seen Kentucky play since we played them. I don’t think I’ve watched them since. The first two games will have obviously nothing to do with tomorrow. They’re terrific. I mean, they have low post scoring. They have 3-point shooting, guys that can get to the rim. They’re very organized. They’re a team that, you know, if they get the right matchups they can win the whole thing.

“We’re going to have to play — we’ve had a couple games in row with Kentucky that have been great games, but we didn’t — we haven’t been over the hump. We have to do some difficult things. Our team is way different right now, too. We’ll have to come up with a obviously a new plan.”

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  1. Coach Fox said it straight as it gets, they played two great games against UK and could not get over the hump. Do you view the games UK played against Georgia, either time, as anything close to UK’s average game?

    I sure don’t. UK is a 10 to 15 point better team than Georgia on a neutral court. I expect to see something closer to that margin tomorrow than the OT type game we saw at Rupp, or even the 5 point game at their place.

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