Fox said he will be “fine” for trip back home to Texas on Saturday

De’Aaron Fox (Vicky Graff Photo)


Despite the grind of the regular season, Kentucky assistant coach Joel Justus said Thursday that “everybody’s in a good place” when it comes to being healthy.

“Guys get bumps and bruises here and there. I think everybody’s fighting to be their best, and their healthiest at a key time,” Justus said.

Kentucky freshman guard De’Aaron Fox has missed two games — one with the flu, one with a knee injury. He’s also had a twisted ankle that limited his mobility.

“I’ve been in treatment every day. No telling, but I’m able to play, I’m able to run, so I’m fine,” Fox said.

He said he got to see the game differently when he had to sit out UK’s win last week over Florida.

“It really slows down when you’re not playing. Just seeing stuff, being able to talk to my teammates and knowing what I need to look for when I got back,” Fox said.

He liked watching his teammates fight back from an early deficit that game.

“I think we were down 10-0 or something like that, and just watching my guys fight back and being able to win a tough game like that against a team like that. It just made me want to come back and fight more, fight with my team and always play hard,” Fox said.

He’ll be back in his home state Saturday when UK ends regular-season play against Texas A&M.

“We’ve played this team before. Trying not to worry about family and friends being there. But at the end of the day it’s still just a game,” he said. 
“We won that (first) game pretty comfortably, but it’s a different team (and) we’re a different team now. We’re just going to try to go in there and do the same thing.”

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