Eddie Gran: “There are no excuses”

Eddie Gran (Vicky Graff Photo)


Offensive coordinator Eddie Grant knows Kentucky’s offense will be missing some key players off last year’s team but don’t expect excuses from him, especially when it comes to red-zone offense.

“We were pretty decent down there. You’ve still gotta get better. With our personnel as it changed, it’s like I told them the other day, Boom (Williams) and Jojo (Kemp) are gone and that’s somewhere around 1,500-1,600 yards. You know? We lost Jeff Badet and I don’t know how many yards per catch and what yardage it was, but there’s no excuse there,” Gran said Tuesday.

“We lost (center) Jon Toth, there’s no excuse. We’ve got backs that have to get that 1,600 yards we lost. We have receivers that have to make up what that is. And they’re there. It’s our job to coach them. I’ve got to get 1,600 yards out of two more backs, if it’s three I’ve got to get it out of three.

“(Offensive line) Coach Schlarman is prepared. You know, we don’t have Jon Toth. He was like a quarterback. He was unbelievable the stuff he got us in and out of. But you know Bunchy’s out there today, he’s doing an unbelievable job. We’re getting two other guys right behind him ready to do it. There are no excuses. We lost some guys. There’s some dudes gone. We’ve gotta move forward.”

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