De’Aaron Fox expects 2 SEC teams in Final Four

De’Aaron Fox had 39 points Friday. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


With South Carolina and Florida playing in the East Region title game and Kentucky taking on North Carolina in the South Region final, the SEC has three teams in the Elite Eight. That’s more than any other conference.

“Both of those teams are great. I didn’t really play against South Carolina, but Florida was great. They beat us down there pretty good, and getting a chance at them again,” freshman point guard De’Aaron Fox said.

“Just all the SEC, everyone wants to talk down on it, things like that, but right now, it’s one guaranteed team is going to be in the Final Four just because those two are playing against each other, but I want to say it’s going to be two in there.”

That got John Calipari’s attention.

“I don’t know about that. He didn’t say that,” Calipari said.


  1. Were it not for the vagaries of the NCAA seeding fiascos the SEC would have had the distinct possibility of having 76% of the Final Four won by their representatives. Now THAT would have been something totally unheard of and alas, must wait for another year,

  2. I love his confidence! I agree, if the NCAA wouldn’t try to seed for the ACC there would be a couple SEC teams for sure. I hope the SEC gets more credit going forward. GO CATS!!!!

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