Calipari trying to ‘protect’ his players when he got technical foul

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)


Early in the second half Vanderbilt center Luke Kornet appeared to hit Kentucky’s Isaiah Briscoe in the face with an elbow with no foul being called. Instead, a foul was called on UK and coach John Calipari certainly disagreed.

He was hit with a technical foul and Kornet hit both free throws to push the Vandy lead to 45-33 with 15:18 to play. However, UK stormed back to win 73-67.

Was Calipari trying to turn the game around with the technical?

“That was the intent of it,” Calipari said sarcastically after the game. “I thought he got smacked in the face. That’s why I did it. You know, you’ve got to protect your guys.

“If their offensive push offs and they’re — you know, you’ve got to stand up for your guys at times. I thought he got hit in the head, that’s why I said go look at it on the monitor.

Kentucky fans booed Kornet when he shot the free throws. But Kornet said there was no intent on his part to hit Briscoe.

“He came up on me and I really just tried to move the ball to the other side. I don’t throw elbows, that isn’t something I was trying to do,” Kornet said. “It just happened and I wasn’t trying to do anything intentionally but I understand it can look that way.

“I was just trying to move the ball to the other side and drive and if I caught him it wasn’t anything intentional, it happens.”


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  1. Interesting comment, because it is an admission he did hit Briscoe with the elbow, but he did not intend to do that. Well, guess what Einstein, that fragrant foul rule does not carry an intent element. I have seen it enforced through the season without regard to the swinging player’s intent. How does an official determine intent?

    A classic example of the pitiful state of officiating in this great game of basketball.

    It is time for the NCAA to clean it up, across the board. One set of rules, one set of emphases on interpretting these rules, and professional officials, paid by the NCAA, not the conferences, through fees imposed on each of the competing teams. NCAA can then establish salaries and work loads/schedules for their officiating teams. Make them 3 official teams who work together, and are graded for their work together.

  2. From where I sat in sec 231 it looked like a foul. Especially on the big screen. Worst no call of the year!

  3. We had only slightly better seats, high on the main floor. My opinion was the same….it was a foul. The inconsistancy in officiating a SEC basketball game this season is outrageous.
    Don’t know how it can be remedied but it must be addressed. If not it’ll only get worse.

    1. It was the loudest the crowd has been all season.
      A great game !!!

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