Calipari says Cats ‘like the path they’re on’

Bam Adebayo (Vicky Graff Photo)


NASHVILLE — Kentucky coach John Calipari always likes his team, but now he really likes his team going into NCAA Tournament play and explained why after Sunday’s win over Arkansas.

“The only way that happens is if all these guys are, one, comfortable in their own skin. They’re comfortable with what kind of player they are becoming. They like the path they’re on. They are not being judged by numbers, points, shots, minutes. They don’t get judged that way at Kentucky. You don’t have to score 30 a game. Ask Anthony Davis — should I go through that litany of 25 names? You don’t have to,” Calipari said.

“Then the second thing is you are naturally a gatherer of other people. Like if I walk in the gym and I see a kid by himself, warming up by himself, everything by himself, I don’t want that kid on my team. I just don’t. I need a guy that’s a gatherer, that they enjoy being together.

“This is six months. Every game we play is a Super Bowl, T-shirt night. I’m going to get into the T-shirt business. Every game we go to is white out, blue out, black out, it doesn’t matter. These kids have to come every day and they’re going to class and they got to handle themselves in the community the right way.

“If something happens with my kids, it’s on the ticker and they’re doing a 30/30 on it. So it’s a hard deal and they come together, they got to be about each other. They got to cover for each other. They got to be each — they got to be their brother’s keeper.

“These kids like Bam, is the nicest kid maybe I’ve ever coached. I mean, he’s — somebody said Cal, you’re playing him and he could be playing 4. So could Anthony Davis and Karl Townes. So could DeMarcus Cousins. They all could have been playing 4, too. They’re doing fine. The kid can shoot. He can handle it, guard five positions. He’s fine.”

But he’s not complaining why don’t you play me? What do you need me to do to win?


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  1. if NEEK is what you SEEK then we have our DOM. This was a very good game and the only thing missing was a little more Briscoe. Believe he had as many turnovers as points (4). Our interior defense was better that it has been and only had a few holes. If Willis would just believe that he can be as good a scorer as rebounder and hit that 10-12 pts. every game we might have a real shot. Fox, Monk, and Bam were all very good. Hopefully, we can protect the ball a little better down the road and not have as many unforced turnovers. Go Cats!!. I think even PK might have liked that victory…LOL

  2. But, but, but. If, if, if, missing,, hopefully,. You are the consumate sour assed moron coach Mike. You were right once though! The Cats aren’t a 3 or 4 seed. They are officially a 2 in the South region. Hurts doesn’t it coach?

    1. Nice try PK….I won’t drop to your level. They were playing at that level when I said that. I am not sure they are playing at a level 2 now but will take it.

  3. It’s all new ball game from here on out regardless your seeding . Do or go home I like the way play today probably our best game since we Beat Tenn despite the turnovers which occurred mostly in the first.Go cats

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