Calipari: Playing in Indianapolis “will be great”

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)

On his initial thoughts on playing Northern Kentucky in Indianapolis…
“Well I love Indy. What a great place to be. So it’s a great town, it’s a city, but it’s kind of like a small town, so it will be great. And they’re basketball bennies up there. And the greatest thing is our fans can get there and they probably already scooped up a ton of those tickets, knowing our fans. So, kind of like it.”

On how much his team improved over the last few days…
“Not the last few days, the last three, four weeks. If you remember, it took us three weeks to get to where we were like, ‘What in the world is happening here?’ And then I said it was going to take us another three weeks to get back and start to grow, and that’s what’s happened. It’s kind of played out that way. So, we had to change some stuff around. We had to do some things a little different. We had to practice a little different. Had to emphasize some different things. But the only way that stuff works is if that group in there says, ‘Yeah, you tell us what to do, we’ll do it.’ The biggest thing was just energy. Playing and fighting and knowing that you’re going to have tough starts and sometimes you’re going to have great starts and get up 18, but you just are trying to play for 40 minutes. And what’s happened right now is De’Aaron Fox is really, he’s come on. He’s shooting the ball better, making free throws. How about playing through bumps? Do you remember he would drive and just the guy, ‘Oooh,” and just throw it. And now all of a sudden he’s connected, hitting, making and-ones, getting to the foul line. We’re still having some bad turnovers at times, but I’m not worried about that if they fight and we – this, what happens for us the rest of the way, will all be based on how we guard. If we defend and we figure out how people are going to try to attack us and we have some different ways to combat that, but it will be all based on defense.”

On whether he likes when they put you with one of the small schools from the state like they have this year…
“That’s fine. What time is the game? What day of the week is it? They gave us Friday? I thought they would try to make it Thursday again. Thursday at noon. So Friday means – what’s the chances of noon?”

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