Bet on Grayson Allen getting a technical foul over Duke winning NCAA title

Malik Monk (Vicky Graff Photo)

MARCH 13, 2017 – The odds-makers at, have set better odds that controversial Duke guard Grayson Allen is called for a technical foul (9/1) than for his Blue Devils to win a National Championship (14/1). In one of the most wide-open college basketball tournament in years, you can get better odds picking the field (11/2) than you can picking any of the 10 favorites who range from Kansas at 7/1 to Duke and Arizona at 14/1.

Although the odds are long that four #1 seeds make it to Glendale (35/1), the odds on two #1 seeds meeting for the championship are good (5/2).  And to ensure the One Shining Moment montage is exciting, the Over/Under is 8 first round upsets; 3 game-winning buzzer beaters; and 2.5 overtime games.  And despite all the drama and upsets, the odds-makers still expect the champion to be a 1-4 seed (1/9).

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National Championship Odds
•       Kansas: 7/1
•       Villanova: 8/1
•       UNC: 9/1
•       Gonzaga: 11/1
•       Kentucky: 12/1
•       Oregon: 12/1
•       UCLA: 12/1
•       Arizona: 14/1
•       Duke: 14/1
•       Louisville: 14/1
•       FIELD: 11/2

Odds of the NCAA Champion’s Seed
1-4: 1/9
5-8: 10/1
9-12: 75/1
13-16: 10,000/1

Odds of all four #1 seeds reaching the Final Four: 35/1

Odds two #1 seeds meet in the championship game: 5/2

Odds a #16 seed defeats a #1 seed: 25/1

Odds a #15 seed defeats a #2 seed: 20/1

Odds the national champion comes from …
ACC: 11/4
Pac-12: 7/2
Big 12: 19/4
Big East: 6/1
SEC: 19/2
Big Ten: 22/1
FIELD: 19/2

Over/under win for each conference in the tournament:
ACC: 16
Big 12: 8.5
Pac 12: 8
Big East: 7
SEC: 7
Big 10: 5.5

Over/Under number of lower seeds that win in the first round (not counting play-in games): 8

Over/under number of tournament games that go into overtime: 2.5

Over/under number of game-winning buzzer beaters to win (not tie) a game in the tournament: 3

Over/under on the sum of the seeds that reach the Final Four (e.g. four no. 1 seeds would equal a sum of four): 13.5

Odds to win Most Outstanding Player
Justin Jackson (UNC): 11/1
Frank Mason III (Kansas): 12/1
Lonzo Ball (UCLA): 14/1
Dillon Brooks (Oregon): 14/1
Josh Hart (Villanova): 15/1
Nigel Williams-Goss (Gonzaga): 15/1
Josh Jackson (Kansas): 20/1
Jalen Brunson (Villanova): 20/1
Malik Monk (Kentucky): 22/1

Grayson Allen odds
•       Odds Allen gets a technical foul in the tournament: 9/1
•       Odds Allen kicks/trips an opponent in the tournament: 49/1

Odds a famous alumnus gets into a physical altercation at the site of an NCAA Tournament game: 30/1

Odds two coaches have a physical altercation during the tournament: 22/1

Odds Charles Barkley criticizes Lonzo Ball’s father during the tournament: 1/8

Odds at least one coach makes an anti-Donald Trump statement during a post-game press conference: 15/1

Odds at least one coach makes a pro-Donald Trump statement during post-game press conference: 50/1

Odds the following celebrities attend a tournament game
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: 1/50
Barack Obama: 1/9
Ashton Kutcher: 2/13
Michael Jordan: 1/5
Drake: 1/3
Bill Murray: 3/8
Jennifer Lawrence: 2/5
Joe Biden: 1/2
Floyd Mayweather: 1/1
Magic Johnson: 3/2
Bradley Cooper: 2/1
Donald Trump: 5/1
Bill or Hillary Clinton: 8/1
Mike Pence: 20/1

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