Vince Marrow to recruits: “This isn’t just a basketball school”

Vince Marrow and Mark Stoops had a lot to like in this signing class. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow was all smiles Wednesday when he discussed UK’s 24-player signing class Wednesday.

“This is our fourth national signing day and to echo what coach Stoops said this is probably our best one from top to bottom,” Marrow said.  “But, I also want to thank the media that covers us. A lot of the media calls and interviews the incoming players and they really appreciate that. I told them this isn’t just a basketball school, people are excited about football, too.”

Marrow shared recruiting insights on several individual players.

Lynn Bowden: “I’m kind of like Coach Stoops. I was a good player too coming out of Youngstown and I remember my brother telling me that this kid is the best that he’s seen in about 30 years. I started thinking about Maurice Claurett, who was the No. 1 player in the country, Mario Manningham, so many guys that come out of there. But everyone has a guy in your hometown you check references with and everyone I’ve talked to says this kid is unbelievable. He’s good – still has to come in and prove it but he’s good.”

Tyrell Ajion: “He committed so early. We had to battle a lot of schools to get this kid. It came down to Michigan and Michigan State. When I first saw him, I offered him as a wide receiver but of course, our boss is a secondary guy. He came and watched his film so we moved him over to defense. Some services have him ranked the No. 4 or No. 5 athlete in the country. Coach Clinkscale is very excited about him. He gives us so much that we can do. He reminded me of Mike Edwards, a bigger Mike Edwards.”

Alex King: “Great pass rusher. He can bend, played at a high level. Played in a big conference. We beat Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State out of this kid. I have to give a shout out to his mom. His mom really protected this kid from other schools. She would tell the high school coach ‘don’t pull my son out of class.’ And I think he did it one time and that didn’t work out well. So we really need to give her a shout out. And some of the other moms in this recruiting class were really strong in helping keep their kids committed.”

Javonte Richardson: “In recruitment you have connections and his high school coach, Devlin Culliver, was a high school teammate of me and Coach Stoops. He is a big, good-looking dude. He’s about 6-5, 230 right now. When we first watched his film we liked him as a receiver but we tried to hide Coach Stoops from him because he was playing defensive, too. I think Alabama liked him as an outside linebacker. He’s a big, nice-looking athlete. He’s another basketball guy. If you have a guy that plays basketball and football too, those are the type of guys you want to recruit.”

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