Stoops happy to have multi-sport athletes in 2017 signing class

Landon Young (67)


Often top high school athletes decide to focus on one sport rather than playing multiple sports in high school.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops is a fan of multi-athlete sports.

” I think that says a lot about just athletes in general. We want athletic guys, we want versatile guys. I love the fact that these guys a lot of them — many of them play basketball. Quite a few of these guys run track; they may play baseball, and I like that in a prospect,” Stoops said.

The top-ranked player in UK’s recruiting class, receiver Lynn Bowden of Ohio, had 33 points in a basketball game the night before signing his national letter-of-intent.

Out of the 24 players that UK has in its 2017 recruiting class, nine played multiple sports in high school.

” It’s hard to beat basketball. I think a lot of guys — but the ball skills that are involved in baseball a lot of that translates as well. Anything. Soccer, baseball, basketball, whatever,” Stoops said.

What about wrestling? Freshman offensive tackle Landon Young was a state champion wrestler.

“I do like wrestling. I do. So I’ve coached some guys through the years that were some very good players for us that were wrestlers. I don’t know if there’s a sport that challenges you more personally and more one on one than wrestling. That’s a brutal sport,” the UK coach said.

” I went to Iowa. I was not a wrestler. In northeastern Ohio wrestling is big, but I didn’t wrestle at all. We didn’t have it at my school. But certainly at Iowa I was friends with some of those guys, and they’re all a little bit nuts, but they’re some very, very tough guys.”


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