Monk: “Cal plays for the NCAA Tournament”

Malik Monk (John Calipari)


Beating Florida Saturday would put Kentucky in great shape to win the Southeastern Conference championship. Yet at Kentucky winning the SEC no longer is a priority.

“It’s good, but Cal plays for the NCAA Tournament. He’s told us that before. We’re just fighting for the NCAA Tournament. If we lose, we care about it, but we gotta move to the next game and the next game is going to be there,” freshman guard Malik Monk said Friday.

True, but UK fans would like to see Kentucky do both — win the SEC and still get ready for the NCAA — especially after Florida dismantled UK by 22 points earlier this season.

“We want to come out with a lot of energy. If we do that, I think we’ll be fine. But like I said, if we lose we gotta be ready for the next game. But they did put a whoopin’ on us down there. We gotta bring something back,” Monk said.

Monk said it was “super” embarrassing to lose by 22 but then explained why it was really not that bad — again, something I am not sure I buy or UK fans buy after watching the way UK collapsed in that game.

“We didn’t really get beat like that. We watched film and we were down six, we were down four sometimes, we were down eight and then we just let little mistakes slip up on us. We did that to ourselves.”


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  1. See the article above this one with Bam’s view of losing and compare it here. I do not like this point of view at all from a player.

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